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Branding Denver


Branding Denver

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Who are you as a brand?

Establishing a brand that customers identify with and feel connected to is an important part of achieving small business success, and it means a heck of a lot more than coming up with a catchy slogan and an attractive logo to slap onto your products and business cards.

Think for a moment about the various brands that you engage with on a regular basis. If you’re like most consumers, you give your business to brands that have earned your respect and trust through offering goods and services that truly speak to you. At the very mention of the brand’s name or at the sight of its logo, you are instantly able to identify what it is and what you can expect from it.

From Apple to Zappos, major brands have worked hard to earn their place in the consumer market — but how did they get there, exactly? Is it possible for your small business to do the same? Read on to learn how you can establish, nurture, and maintain a brand that your customers will be attracted and loyal to in the many years ahead.

Establish a Firm Foundation

Although very basic, the foundation of your brand rests upon the little things like establishing uniformity in logos, signage, websites, social media presence, etc. You want your customers to recognize your brand right away. This means that your logo needs to be unique to your business, relevant to what you do, and consistent throughout its usage. Regardless of where it appears — whether on a product or on a blog post — there needs to be rules about the appearance of your logo, including its format and coloring. Web and blog layouts should be uniform as well, and you’ll need to stick with a “voice” that best represents your brand.

Communicate Your Value

No, we don’t mean that you should be spouting off what you think your company and its goods and services are worth. Instead, the leading brands are able to convey what they do, what specific problems they solve, and what sets them apart from other companies. These are the things that truly demonstrate and express value to consumers. Brand slogans and logos should easily resonate with customers on these levels so that consumers immediately know what to expect from your brand.

Let Customers Peek Behind the Curtain

It’s important to let consumers get to know that person or persons behind the brand. Interactions with owners and other key figures that are affiliated with your brand make customers feel appreciated and even more invested in the business. It also enables you to remain in-tune with consumer needs so that you can ensure that your brand continues to resonate with your market, even when changes occur.

Get Involved With the Community

Show your community that you care, get up close and personal with your customers, and get advertising for your brand by putting yourself out there and getting your hands dirty as you give back to the very people that made your business successful.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media has completely altered the way in which brands are able to engage with their current and prospective customers. Instead of being some “mysterious entity”, brands can establish personal relationships with customers as they talk with them and “listen” to conversations in real-time. Again, be sure that your social media platforms reflect your brand’s unique voice and message to create a uniform experience for all consumers.

Developing and maintaining a recognizable and loved brand isn’t rocket science. Learn more useful branding and marketing tips by reaching out to the experts at Madison Taylor Marketing today. We’ll use everything in our marketing bag of tricks to help your business grow!

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