Integrated Activation

At Madison Taylor Marketing, successful marketing activation begins with thoughtful marketing integration. The agency’s activation team has the requisite expertise to showcase brands across every marketing-relevant channel. Beyond expertise, the team of professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing has the experience to effectively harmonize the effort, realizing the full potential of each channel toward the accomplishment of well-defined objectives. The agency’s unique, holistic approach to unified marketing, sales, and business operations drives organization-wide initiatives that support the kind of growth that siloed marketing, alone, will never achieve.

Holistic Approach

Established brands need more than a stand-alone marketing effort to realize growth expectations and maintain competitive advantages; they need an individualized, holistic, and integrated plan. Madison Taylor Marketing has built its reputation and success by planning and implementing marketing activations that impact more than just audience impressions and lead generation. The agency has developed a platform-agnostic approach that allows for streamlined effective integration of marketing, sales, and operational data and outcomes. With a background in corporate management and governance, the experienced professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing offer an innovative perspective that catalyzes organizational change, while simultaneously expanding external audience reach and fostering brand loyalty.

The agency’s vast marketing expertise and innovative practices make it a valuable partner to successful brands looking to ignite new growth. At Madison Taylor Marketing, marketing activation plans move beyond simply increasing audience impressions and lead generation. The agency’s reputation and success has been built by leveraging activation to create and implement plans that improve organizational outcomes. With more than a decade of experience inside and outside of marketing agencies, experts at Madison Taylor Marketing understand that the most effective marketing activation strategies are holistic, integrated, and aligned with organizational change initiatives. This understanding is a core tenet of the agency’s activation strategy– because when marketing activations increase cohesion and performance across all business functions, the marketing performance indicators will always follow. Madison Taylor Marketing’s experience inside and outside of marketing agencies has consistently demonstrated that the most effective marketing activation takes a holistic view of the organization into account. When the agency’s activations help make every business unit function better together, the marketing performance indicators will always follow.

Iterative Optimization

Successful marketing activation requires iterative optimization. Ongoing real-time performance monitoring of marketing activations ensures optimal performance. Understanding the data necessary to target and remarket to the highest-value audience is crucial to maximizing marketing budgets. Madison Taylor Marketing prioritizes high-touch performance monitoring to steward client marketing budgets.

Quality assurance and an approval process that maintains brand standards are always part of the integrated marketing optimization process. Updates to websites, “martech” platforms, and general technology ecosystem are all part of Madison Taylor’s marketing optimization capabilities.



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01 12

The crew have done great things for our non-profit, KidsTek. Besides developing and maintaining our website, their insights into social media marketing and event planning for us has been nothing short of stellar. I highly recommend Madison Taylor Marketing for your firm – large or small, or even a non-profit like us.

Richard L. | Executive Director

02 12

Our overall experience has been great. We rely heavily on their knowledge and expertise in regards to social media marketing, website design/upkeep, and SEO ranking.

Angela K. | Director of Customer and Product Support

03 12

Madison Taylor possesses the expertise to take any business to the next level. They are knowledgeable about the latest industry trends and know what it takes to attract the ideal client to your organization. Every interaction I’ve had with the staff at Madison Taylor reflects their high level of professionalism and commitment to clients.

Hilary R. | Owner

04 12

Madison Taylor has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable through every step of the process. From creating a logo and business cards to creating a VERY cool and user-friendly website, they’ve made it easy and fun, kindly implementing my feedback and desires no matter how trivial. As someone who was not taught anything about how to market herself in graduate school, I highly recommend Madison Taylor to anyone needing to get their name out there but isn’t sure where to start!

Andrea L. | Owner

05 12

We have been working with Madison Taylor for a little over a year now and have been very impressed with everything they do for us. They are a full-service agency that truly goes above and beyond to make their clients’ lives easier.

David A. | Marketing Manager

06 12

We have been working with the terrific team at Madison Taylor for a few months now. Most recently – we challenged them to completely re-brand all of our print marketing collateral, and we were not disappointed. The team proved to be very thorough and professional, and the results were amazing! I recommend Madison Taylor to any organization that is seeking a professional agency with a personal touch.

Charlie K. | Founding Partner

07 12

Taylor Madison developed a brand new website for us, our old one was in dire need of an update. We did a ton of research on other firms and decided TM was a good fit for us. We were impressed with their up-front communication and how the process would unfold, they helped us understand completely what was needed from us and how the timeline would unfold. We tested them during the process by making changes and going backwards on some of the design, but they stuck with us and were never frustrated. In the end we worked together as a team and with their help developed a very good product. Please visit our website, to see their work.

Brad W. | Owner/President

08 12

Madison Taylor has been paramount in the evolution and advancement of marketing within our organization. The professionalism is outstanding, and the level of service and in-depth knowledge is unparalleled. The entire team is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend their services.

Melissa S, MBA | Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing

09 12

RD Fuller has been pleased with our relationship with Madison Taylor. They helped us with our rebranding and new logo. They have a great team of professionals and take time the time to understand your business. We are ready to step our marketing game up a level, and we can’t think of a better partner than Aimee and her team.

Drew M. | President

10 12

Madison Taylor Marketing has been a great agency to work with. Their knowledge of current/emerging trends and audience engagement is critical to keeping us effective/relevant. MTM has a nimble and adaptable team that can work with changing initiatives and times. This is important because it makes them a true part of our team, an agency that we can grow with and a true partner. We are always pushing boundaries and trying to optimize for the best results to reach our goals. Thank You!

Ryan M.

11 12

Covid dealt a devastating blow to tourism in Colorado. Our friends at Madison Taylor were the first people to reach out to us with support and the kind message that “we have your backs”. In addition to being knowledgeable consultants, they are compassionate people, which is a rare and valuable combination.

April C. | Owner of Hotel Denver Properties

12 12

Madison Taylor Marketing has been indispensable in our marketing efforts. They’ve helped us really dial in our efforts to respond to our customers efficiently. We’ve put forth a number of challenges and they have consistently thought outside the box in order to help us with solutions. Clearly an expert in the field and I truly enjoy working with them!

Amy N. | Director of Marketing

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