Are your digital ads performing? Get an unbiased, no-strings-attached evaluation.

Aligning Digital Ads to Organizational Goals

Advertising is the lifeblood of any modern company, but the ecosystem is large, complex, and requires expertise to ensure that the performance is aligned with organizational goals. Let us help you find answers to the most impactful metrics-based questions by quickly evaluating your current advertising spend:

  • What is the customer acquisition cost (CAC)?
  • What is the advertising percentage of customer acquisition Cost (A%-CAC)?
  • What is the ratio of customer lifetime value to CAC (LTV:CAC)?
  • What is the time to payback CAC?
  • What is the advertising-originated customer percentage?
  • What is the advertising influenced customer percentage?

Your advertising needs to work for you – our advertising audit helps identify areas for growth and provides strategies for optimizing every aspect of your strategy and execution.

Complimentary Advertising Audit


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