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Advertising Smarter

Let’s Get Out the Megaphone

Advertising has changed dramatically since the days of Mad Men. It is no longer acceptible to measure things like “reach”. It’s time for advertising to contribute directly to lead generation and sales.


Madison Taylor Marketing knows how to make you stand out. No matter what the medium, we will strategically place and manage for optimal impact without the high costs of larger ad agencies.

Media Buying

We’ll work with you on identifying key places to advertise – radio, TV, web – and we’ll work to get amazing placement and prices for advertising that will rock your marketing efforts.

• Online / Offline / Outdoor / Out of the Box

• Strategic Media Planning

• Media Buying & Negotiating

• Analysis

• Cooperative Media Planning

Creative Development

From print to online, and everything in between and after, we’ll identify an amazing strategy for your campaigns and put together ads designed to get you attention and action to increase your bottom line.

Campaign Management

An effective strategy and active management can make all the difference in ensuring that your advertising campaign is a success. And we’re your partner to make sure that the dollars you’re spending are paying off.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an awesome way to get immediate traffic coming to your website, which translates into more sales for you! By working with a marketing strategist, you can create targeted ads to get traffic to your site and convert new, high-quality leads. Plus, you can lower your cost-per-click (CPC) and bring a much higher return on investment.


Some Notes:

  • Includes keyword research, text ad creation, A/B testing of ads, and active campaign management
  • Additional fees may apply for landing page and form development
  • Quantity discounts may apply for clients with 10 or more ad words, or retainer-based clients

Social Media Advertising

With a captive audience waiting on social media, you want a voice. And, the closed business. One sure fire way to get that is through targeted advertising on social media platforms.

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