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Enhanced Organizational Alignment

Alignment between departments is critical for internal cooperation, but there’s more to sales and marketing alignment than camaraderie. If your departments share their data, expertise, and information, they can inform each other’s tactics and strategy.

If the marketing department has information from the customer success team, they can market more effectively by speaking to pain points, adjusting buyer personas to reflect customer preferences, and focusing on solutions to specific market problems. If customer success has access to insights from marketing, they can improve customer communication and experience.

We help grease the wheels of marketing alignment by implementing workflows and handoffs, aligning team goals, and streamlining processes to ensure that every part of your business is on the same page.

Departmental Alignment

Our first priority is finding common ground between your sales and marketing departments. If you haven’t already laid out interdepartmental goals, we can start by identifying common ground and craft those goals to ensure that leads never slip through the cracks. We can create or improve service-level agreements, identify measurable performance data points, and helped create shareable dashboards to ensure joint accountability.

The next step is to address service and marketing alignment. Your customers need to know where to go for help, how to use the product, and how to get the most out of what you’re offering. We will determine the optimal nature and frequency of communications between your company and your customers to boost subscription levels and encourage repeat business.

Satisfied customers are the most valuable marketing resource you have. We can turn buyers from one-time purchase orders into recurring customers and ultimately create brand evangelists. It’s important to build marketing and service departments that support each other toward achieving that end. We have the experience and expertise to guide the process.

Finally, we will create a customer success and marketing alignment strategy, merging the strengths of your customer success and marketing personnel. We will set up metrics to measure your marketing based on the success of your customers, examining what your most successful customers have in common and nurturing those qualities during sales and customer success cycles. We can also help you invest in customer enablement, creating educational resources like an FAQ page or other knowledge base so that customers can solve their problems on their own.

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To make the most of the modern marketing landscape, you need the assistance of top-of-the-line marketing technology. We will start by ensuring that you are taking advantage of a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can track where your customers came from, what products they’ve purchased, their preferred contact methods, and much more. We can also integrate your CRM with your other marketing tools, using it to create customer segments and increase the targeting and efficiency of all your marketing materials.

The next step is to take advantage of the myriad of digital tools available to modern marketers. There are thousands of options, and choosing the right ones is not easy,

but we can help you find the right technology tools and set them up properly to streamline every part of your process. We work with all the industry-leading software products and have the expertise on our team to support you through implementation, integration, and beyond.

Finally, we make sure that all of your tools are communicating properly. We will create custom, cross-functional reporting that pulls data from every part of your martech ecosystem and generates exactly the numbers you need to know, as frequently and as in-depth as you need. It’s proof that your marketing alignment is producing real results.

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Chances are you’re already using some form of marketing technology. We’ll start with an audit of your existing tools. Don’t be nervous, an audit is a good thing! Our goal is simply to bring our expertise to bear, evaluating whether the tools you currently use are the best for the job. We will look for unnecessary overlap, inefficient handoffs, and holes where you might be missing important data.

We’ll then select the best tools to serve your unique business needs and priorities. We have extensive expertise in marketing technologies, so we can pick exactly the right options to create the martech stack that will serve you best.

We’ll help you implement any new technology, integrating it into your existing systems for seamless operation. We can even manage the technology for you, or we can set it up and show you how to use it yourself.

Finally, we’ll maintain and monitor your technology suite, keeping an eye out for major updates and changes in capabilities that might warrant a shift in the way you use it. We’ll make updates to your website, your platforms, your dashboards, and your tech infrastructure as needed to keep things updated and running efficiently.

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Real Results

Results is not a buzzword at Madison Taylor Marketing. It’s simply what all of our efforts set forth to achieve. Otherwise, what’s the point? The return on marketing investment illustrated in our case studies isn’t hype; our bottom line is to improve your bottom line.

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Want to know everything there is to know about a particular marketing subject? Our pillar pages explain the ins and outs of marketing strategy, concepts, and execution. Everything we know in one tidy package.

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