5 Skills to Look for When Selecting a Marketer


Marketing might not be an exact science, but like most things, it takes a high level of expertise and the appropriate skills to make it work. Whether your business is a startup or has been up and running for a while, it’s important to know the types of skills that your chosen marketing team should possess. Here is a quick list of our favorites:

Strong Leadership Skills

Strong leadership skills are often directly correlated with success in the marketing world. Marketing leaders motivate their own staff to excel and create quality content – and guess who benefits from that? Yep, you do. They must have full command of their industry and be able to present themselves professionally and competently throughout the entire process. If not, then you certainly can’t trust them to take your business to the next level of success.


Familiarity with Technology

Whether a “digital native” or not, a good marketer keeps up with the changing digital landscape. By the time you’ve heard of a major algorithm change or a new platform that could work for your business, it’s all but guaranteed that a good marketer has been aware of that technology shift for months. Marketers who are familiar with technology ensure your messages get the most reach and reach your target audiences, no matter where those audiences are.


Ability to Adapt

If there’s one certainty when it comes to marketing, it’s that things change often and quickly. This is especially true thanks to the technologies mentioned above, among others. If we had a dime for every time Google altered its algorithm, we might be able to bankroll an entire marketing campaign without breaking a sweat. Plus, it’s important to remember that social media platforms and how businesses interact with them can change rapidly, and if a marketer isn’t able to adapt to these changes, they – and you – will be left in the dust. 


Forward Thinking 

Not only must a marketer possess the ability to adapt to new platforms and changes to various marketing strategies, he or she (or, more accurately, they) should be able to anticipate changes within the industry before they happen. This usually takes the form of “seeing the writing on the wall” in terms of how certain platforms or processes will develop in the weeks, months, or even years to come. While it’s impossible for any marketer to possess a crystal ball that guarantees which changes will occur and which will not, being able to foresee certain shifts will allow your business to either stay ahead of the curve or, in certain situations, enable you to respond immediately to these shifts when they unfold.


“One-Stop-Shop” Mentality

Your business needs marketing, plain and simple. But those marketing needs can change and grow over time. Whether you need social media strategy, web design and build-out, blogging and content creation, or marketing and sales alignment, it’s in your best interests to go with a marketing company that can handle all of that and more in house. These “one-stop-shop” marketing teams will make switching from one strategy or business need to the next much easier and, since the agency is already familiar with your business and its needs, you’ll save time (and money). 


Are you ready to enlist the experience and skills of a reliable marketing team? The professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing know exactly what your business needs and will help you bring your business dreams to life. Give us a shout today and we’ll get started on creating a marketing strategy that works for you.


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