Responding in a Crisis: The Value of an Established Brand Voice

Achieving an authentic brand voice requires careful consistency in planning and execution. It can take years to build. Then, at a moment’s notice, your brand can be called on to respond to a crisis that its carefully crafted voice really wasn’t designed to address. There is no one-size-fits-all advice to the use of brand voice in crisis responses, but what we do know is that you absolutely need a clear understanding of your brand’s values and be able to relate those values to the crisis at hand.

8 Signs You Need to Rebrand

Your brand requires consistent attention to maintain it’s relevance and success. It may be difficult to determine when your branding has become tired or no longer resonates with your desired customers. To assist, here are key signs to help identify whether your brand is in need of a refresh.

How to Build an Authentic Brand

If you want to build your customer’s trust and loyalty, you need to show them that you hold the same values that they do in an authentic, honest way. That primary value could be anything — environmental sustainability, long-lasting products, fair labor practices, social justice, or whatever it is that your company embodies — but it needs to be real.

How to Keep Your Brand Relevant

Keeping your brand relevant is an ongoing process. Consumers, markets, and competitive landscapes are continually changing, and it’s necessary to respond to these changes to maintain your brand’s success.

Developing and Measuring a Branding Strategy

A brand is a notoriously intangible concept, which makes tracking the success of your branding efforts difficult. In order to successfully create a brand with the staying power to attract and maintain a loyal customer base, you’ll need to approach it with strategy and analytics in mind.

How to Create a Stronger Digital Brand

Your online presence has always been a significant component of the way your brand is perceived, but the importance of your business’ digital brand will only continue to grow as the world moves online. Here’s how to maximize the impact of your company’s online presence.

6 Storytelling Tips to Get your Brand Message Across

There’s too much marketing in the world for anyone to pay attention to it all. We say this as marketers who are regularly putting more messaging out there, so we know it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that you’re wasting your time trying to get your brand’s message across — it just means you’ll have to find another way to stand out.

Quick and Easy Ways to Grow Your Brand

Who are you as a brand? Establishing a brand that customers identify with and feel connected to is an important part of achieving small business success, and it’s not as easy as a catchy slogan and an attractive logo to slap onto your products and business cards.

Why Branding is Important for Marketing

We talk a lot about branding — how important it is to establish a brand, how you need a coherent message and image when you talk about your company, and how a good brand can elevate your business to a new level.

How Marketing Turned Red Bull Into A Cultural Icon

In 1987, Dietrich Mateschitz discovered an “energy tonic” in Thailand, designed to make the drinker alert and awake. He partnered […]
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