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5 Tips For Successfully Managing a Remote Meeting

Thanks to the seismic shift in the modern work environment caused by the pandemic in 2020, remote meetings are a fact of life for many office workers across the U.S. However, even with modern technology, to successfully conduct a remote meeting requires some additional work on the leader’s part. If you’re going to be hosting remote meetings in the future, here are a few best practices to consider.

Marketing Mishaps — 8 Big Mistakes You Might Be Making

One thing’s for sure — now, more than ever, you can’t afford to waste time, money, or human resources. This is the time to take a serious look at the way your marketing is being done and keep a sharp eye out for any of these major mistakes that might be holding you back.

How Marketing Can Support Customer Success in Hard Times

Your job doesn’t end when you get someone to make a purchase — in fact, it’s just beginning. Returning customers are your best source of income, given that they can bring in business themselves. In fact, the ROI on a returning or repeat customer is between five and 25 times better than that of attracting a new customer, depending on who you ask.

Why Your Customer Success and Marketing Teams Should Get Along

The handoff between marketing — the team that gets people in the door — and customer success — the team that keeps them happy once they’re in — has to be seamless. Why is this handoff so important? Keep reading.

Ways to Align Sales and Marketing from the Bottom Up

The feud between sales teams and marketing teams is a tale as old as time. To hear the sales team’s side of things, the marketing team is too eager to turn prospects into leads, so they’re handing over leads that aren’t qualified and are hard to convert. From the marketing team’s perspective, the sales team isn’t working hard enough to convert qualified leads.

When Does a Lead Go From Marketing to Sales? Optimize Your Lead Handoff Strategy

The biggest speed bump in the process of turning a stranger into a customer historically comes from one place — […]

Why ABM Needs Sales and Marketing Alignment

ABM is the latest and greatest strategy for B2B companies, but it requires an all-in mentality. Historically, a drastic switch […]

The 67% Goal — Sales and Marketing Stats You Should Know

Here’s the important number right up front: businesses that prioritize sales and marketing alignment close sales 67 percent more effectively. […]

Why Smarketing is More Than a Buzzword

Sales and marketing teams haven’t always gotten along. Both departments are working toward the same goals — to boost the […]

How to Help Marketing and Sales Learn to Love One Another

Sales and marketing are both cogs in the same machine — they’re both trying to draw in leads, convert them […]
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