Not Even Nostradamus Could Have Predicted Facebook


Michel de Nostredame (or simply, Nostradamus) has been a pretty popular guy lately. The French physician and astrologer may have lived in the 16th century, but his followers believe that he made some incredible prophecies that pertain to our world today. In fact, some believe that he predicted the French Revolution, Adolph Hitler’s rise to power, 9/11, and yes – even the election of President Donald Trump! 

As good as Nostradamus was at making prophesies (and poetic prophesies, at that!), even he could have never predicted the impact that Facebook would have on the world – and especially the world of marketing. In addition to connecting millions of people across the planet, Facebook has opened the door to businesses that wish to build a strong brand image and engage with their target audiences. 

In fact, Facebook is poised to completely revolutionize the world of marketing. Here’s how:

Advanced Targeting Options

Facebook is able to quickly and accurately gather in incredible quantity of personal user information. As a result, advertising on Facebook is the prime way to reach your target audience in an even more diverse array of ways than via other digital platforms and outlets. Far beyond the general demographic and geographic data that has been available to marketers in the past, we can now take a look at behaviors and patterns in order to target users on a deeper level than ever before. Some advanced targeting options available on Facebook include:

  • Interest Targeting – You can connect with specific audiences by checking out their reported interests, their activities, users they’ve engaged with, keywords they’ve used, etc.
  • Behavioral/Connection Targeting – Reach users based upon their previous purchase behaviors or intents and device usage. This lets you target people who have a unique type of connection to your page or app.
  • Custom Targeting – Upload email addresses, phone numbers, or usernames of people that you’d like to target, and Facebook will do the rest.
  • Lookalike Targeting – Extend your custom audience by taking advantage of Lookalike Targeting, which helps you reach new and similar users to those you’re already connecting with.

Better Conversion Tracking

Advertising on Facebook won’t do you much good unless you know how well things are going. Facebook offers incredible insight into performance metrics that reveal how successful your ads are, how many people are clicking on them, and how many more are following through. This allows marketers to save money on ads that aren’t working and to invest their money wisely in campaigns that have been successful.

All About Mobile

Facebook has truly taken over the mobile marketplace when it comes to social media. People love the Facebook app, and millions of adult consumers access their Facebook accounts via smartphones and tablets on a daily basis. There can be no doubt, then, that this is going to be the next great wave in advertising. With people checking in on the world of Facebook several times a day, there’s no better way to reach them than to market to them directly while they’re already within those apps. Because the ads are built into the platform’s application, consumers can be reached without being disruptive, thus increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome. In fact, as much as 2/3 of all social media advertising dollars are expected to go toward mobile marketing by 2018, making the mobile market a 9.1 billion dollar industry. You can’t afford to miss out.

Facebook has continuously surprised us all over the past decade, but knowing what to expect in terms of the Facebook marketing climate will help you stay ahead of the curve – even when Nostradamus can’t help you with a trusty prediction. Learn more about Facebook advertising by talking to the pros at Madison Taylor Marketing.

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