Unlock the Power of Social Media for Marketing of Your Marijuana Dispensary


Are you taking advantage of networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach your ENTIRE target audience? If not, it’s high time you started and this post will give you some great pointers on how to unlock the power of social marketing.Back in the 60s and 70s, the majority of people who smoked marijuana were known as “hippies,” and while they were certainly dreamers, none of them could have ever imagined the possibility of social media. Fast-forward to today and marijuana isn’t just for a small, niche market of “hippies” anymore. Instead, people from all walks of life make use of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, and the majority of these people are spending a lot of time socializing on the Internet.

Don’t Toot Your Own Horn Too Much…

Although you certainly want to use your social media accounts to market yourself and tell the world about your amazing product, you also don’t want to come off too strong. Being overly pushy or “sales-y” could actually turn your prospective customers off. They’ve got a lot of options when it comes to marijuana dispensaries, and they’re sick and tired of hearing these dispensaries talk about themselves. Try to limit these types of postings to just once every few posts.

…Give Others a Reason to Do It For You!

A much better way of getting the word out about how awesome your dispensary and its products are is to get your fans to promote it for you. Customers are very loyal to businesses that go above and beyond to meet their needs. Consider throwing a little something extra in your customer’s orders from time to time, or offer free or low-cost samples of new stuff. Your fans will rave about you on social media and get others excited about your brand. You can also encourage your followers to share their favorite products on your account and offer incentives for their doing so. The more others are talking about you, the more new and prospective clients will be interested in your dispensary.

Share News from Other Sources

Be an expert in the marijuana industry and keep your clients in-the-know by posting your thoughts on news articles, opinion pieces, etc. related to the benefits of using marijuana, how marijuana can be used, its legalization in other areas, new strains, etc. People will keep coming back to your brand for the latest updates and information, and you’ll always be on their minds.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Social media is most successful when a business is able to keep its audience actively engaged in real conversations. Ask your readers for their opinions on industry issues, or for their feedback on the strains of marijuana that you sell. Are they interested in any products that you don’t currently sell? Posing these types of queries will open the door to conversations that can boost your business and increase brand loyalty.

Create a Community

Don’t just encourage your fans to connect with you – help them connect with one another! Building a strong community or tribe around your dispensary will build up hype and excitement about what you have to offer. Consider hosting community meet-ups and events to discuss different strains of marijuana or to demonstrate new products.

Both the passage of time and the legalization of marijuana have expanded and completely changed the market, and more people are interested in weed than ever before.

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