Why Does Your Business Need Marketing?

 Madison Taylor Marketing understands all aspects of the marketing industry and strives to always be on the cutting edge of what’s current and what’s just around the corner. Over the next several weeks, we’re going to feature a new blog series – the MTM Why Series – that will provide you with the answers as to why you need a certain aspect of marketing, branding, content creation, etc.

We’ll be diving into a different aspect of marketing every few weeks, so be sure to check back here periodically to gain more insight. To get us started, let’s break down why your business needs marketing in the first place:


You Need a Path to Success

A lot of business owners don’t seem to understand that a marketing plan provides them with a path to success. It gives you goals to reach for and stats to hit, but more importantly, it keeps you focused on growing your brand and bringing in customers. Without marketing, you’d have an extremely tough time getting anyone to notice your company or its products and services.


No One Knows Who You Are

How the heck can you expect to sell your products or services if no one knows who you are? While marketing may have been a completely different beast, say, a hundred years ago, it was the only way that a business could develop and grow into something that would make a real impact in the marketplace. These days, with so much competition out there, it’s more important than ever.


The Competition Will Crush You

If you’re not marketing your business, you might as well throw in the towel and call it quits. Your competition understands the importance of marketing, and they’re out there every day hitting the streets, sending out emails, posting on social media, etc. In other words, they’re getting the word out. If you’re not doing the same, then you don’t stand a chance against even the smaller competitors, no matter how great your offerings are.


It Informs Your Business Decisions

A big part of marketing concerns the analysis of your efforts. When you initiate a marketing campaign, you’re waiting to see how well people react not only to the campaign itself, but also your products and services. The business decisions you make in the future concerning these products and services, and oftentimes how you should conduct yourself as a business in the first place, can be determined by paying attention to the feedback and attention you receive.


Going Door-to-Door Sucks

You always hear stories about successful people who went door-to-door to sell their products. From Ray Kroc to Mark Cuban, these stories sound pretty awesome when you consider the amount of hard work they endured for success. While that’s all fine and dandy, and we’re certainly not going to knock what these businessmen were willing to do, the truth is that going door-to-door isn’t fun. Marketing can help you avoid going down this path.


Word-of-Mouth Isn’t What It Used to Be

While word-of-mouth marketing exists as its own entity, it’s important to note that it must be a part of your marketing plan and not the entire plan. When word-of-mouth marketing is effective these days, it’s typically because it was designed by – you guessed it! – a marketing company. While there are examples of products and services becoming widespread with no marketing plan in place, it’s best not to rely on this as a given.


Inbound marketing is no longer a choice for your business – it’s an absolute necessity. The professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing can utilize several aspects of marketing on your behalf to help bring in potential customers and grow your brand. Give us a shout and we’ll get you started right away.

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