Creating brand energy.

Your brand is your promise to customers. Make sure you’re promising all the right things.

What It Is

Branding is your customer’s first impression of your company. It is the foundation of all your marketing. It communicates your value, your story, and your company’s promises all in one go. Your brand should work for you wherever it appears, and if it doesn’t, well… it’s time to change that.

Your brand is everything that makes your company unique: Your logo, your messaging, your customer service, your color scheme, and so much more. It’s your company’s personality, and it needs to act as such – a sloppy or underdeveloped brand communicates just as much as well-constructed, cohesive brand does.

The tricky part? Your brand doesn’t live on your website or even in your CEO’s head. It lives in the minds of your customers. What you convey to them becomes their impression of your company – so it’s essential to convey the right messages.

Why We Do It

Potential customers need, on average, 5-7 interactions with a brand before they recognize it. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to make sure your brand is consistent and that it’s working to bring customers to your doorstep.

It takes consumers only 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand. If your website is confusing, or your logos are inconsistent, or you engage in activities that don’t make sense for your brand, you’re hurting your chances of bringing in new customers.

We work to ensure that your brand is consistent from the very first touch – 48% of consumers report that they become loyal during their first interaction with a company, so the importance of establishing a strong, cohesive brand can’t be overstated.

For these reasons and so many more, we work to develop your brand and strictly adhere to established guidelines.

How We Do It

We start where Simon Sinek would start – with why. What’s the “why” behind your brand? How are you communicating that to the world? What needs to be modified, and what’s working in your favor? Once we establish those key foundational elements, we’ll begin work on your strategy.

Our services include:

  • Brand and identity development
  • Brand workshops
  • Logo development
  • Collateral development

Whatever your branding challenges, we have solutions.

Once we establish your company’s brand or build out areas that need attention, we’ll help implement it across social channels, your website, and more. Consistency is key in branding, and we work to ensure that wherever your brand appears, it’s working to convert leads and spread awareness of your business.

What It Means To You

When you’ve got a rock-solid brand strategy, it means a bigger bottom line. On average, when brands are presented consistently, they see a 23% increase in revenue.

And companies with good, consistent branding see big returns in repeat customers. Customer loyalty is huge and can result in a much greater lifetime ROI – up to ten times more, on average – than one-off purchases.

When your brand is presented consistently, all of your other marketing initiatives perform better. A strong brand means more recognition, a higher level of conversions, more loyal customers (who can also be your biggest advocates), and more revenue.

Suggested Resources

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