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  • The firm’s web traffic increased by 32%
  • Leads from the website increased by 118%
  • Increased first-page targeted keywords from zero to 23
  • Firm saw a 40% increase in their lead conversion rate


Legal Services Marketing

Law is a varied and complicated field. And because law is close to a pure service and relies on mostly one-time transactional relationships to survive, marketing for this industry requires a unique touch.

Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere, and in a very traditional industry like law, it can be challenging to make the transition from outbound marketing tactics to inbound. Lawyers don’t often have their own marketing departments, and things like logos and branding can be inconsistent or outdated.

Adding to this strain is a shift towards corporations spending more on their own legal departments rather than enlisting the services of independent firms. Litigation and practice litigation have been on the decline for years, so the importance of standing out in the crowd can’t be overstated.

One of our law clients, practicing in the field of personal injury, found that increasing competition in his area presented an array of challenges. Without an established content marketing strategy, this firm was struggling to spread the word. Competing on the pay-per-click side was becoming more challenging. In addition, their branding was dated and inconsistent. Read on to see how we helped this client rise above the competition with a robust inbound marketing strategy.


Chapter 1


With its explosion of technology and digital marketing, the second decade of the 21st century presented challenges for this particular law firm. Their previous marketing initiatives had been limited to traditional advertising, but they were struggling to convert using those approaches.

Though they had an established website, they were struggling to make conversions, drive traffic, and spread the word.

Their digital marketing initiatives were often limited to one-off social posts, and they lacked a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. In addition, their content marketing strategy was inconsistent and was often reactionary.

Coupled with this was an outdated brand that didn’t translate onto the digital space. Their logo, colors, and fonts were used inconsistently across multiple platforms, leading to brand confusion. Since potential clients need to see a brand 5-7 times before they remember it, every opportunity to establish brand identity is important.


Chapter 2


We began by creating a refreshed brand and collateral for this client. We simplified their logo and established stringent brand guidelines regarding fonts, colors, placement, and usage.

From there, we worked to integrate this refreshed look into their website. We took each stage of the buyer’s journey – awareness, consideration, and decision – and created conversion points like CTAs and links that helped guide potential future clients further down the funnel.

Next, we tackled their content marketing obstacles. Using their new logo and brand identity, we refreshed their social media platforms and optimized their presence across channels. We developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that included regular social posts with the buyer’s journey in mind.

A critical aspect of both SEO and content marketing is regularly publishing blogs and ensuring page content hits minimum word counts and contains key information. While the firm had made strides towards publishing fresh content when they were able to, their strategy lacked consistency. We established a regular blog creation and posting schedule, and we worked to boost the site’s authority through relevant content and desirable keywords.

These efforts, coupled with a PPC and paid ads strategy, all worked harmoniously to increase this law firm’s digital footprint.


Chapter 3


With a focus on a robust inbound marketing methodology, this client saw big returns in our first several months working together. The firm’s web traffic increased by 32%, and since we optimized the site for conversions, leads from the website increased by 118%.

With better leads coming in and a better handle on the buyer’s journey, the law firm saw a 40% increase in their conversion rate from lead to customer.

Last but not least, through our efforts in SEO, we were able to take this client from zero targeted keywords on the first page of Google to 23. The firm also saw movement in the top 20 search results with 35 total keywords.

Inbound marketing and branding efforts take time and effort to get going, but once they start working in harmony, results are profound. For our law clients, these efforts are the difference between success and being lost in a sea of competition.


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