Content & Video Marketing

Optimizing for the future.

Content still reigns supreme – we’ve got the strategies and the talent to push your content marketing to the top of the pile.

What It Is

Content and video marketing are what set you apart from the crowd. These elements provide ways for potential customers to engage with your brand, learn about you, and begin to build a relationship with you.

In the digital landscape, relevance and authority are key, and a strong content marketing game is a necessity. We help you develop the content your business needs to thrive – blogs, how-tos, articles, whitepapers, pillar pages, product videos, and more.

70% of people and 80% of executives prefer to learn about companies through content rather than advertising. If you’re not putting content out into the world, you could be missing out on valuable conversion opportunities. Let us transform your content marketing strategy with our unique, results-driven approach.

Why We Do It

The short answer? Content marketing is effective. Really effective. On average, it costs 62% less than traditional marketing programs and brings in an astonishing 3x the leads. Companies that use content marketing report conversion rates six times higher than companies that don’t.

And video marketing is making a big splash in the digital world: 79% of consumers report preferring to watch a video about a product than read about it, and 45% of people watch an hour or more of video every day. And Snapchat? That platform receives an incredible 10 billion daily video views.

Video and content creation are here to stay, and when leveraged correctly, they can make a profound impact on your business’s bottom line.

How We Do It

It all starts with a conversation about your business and your goals. Once we understand where the gaps are and what’s working for you, we’ll build out a strategic approach to your content and video marketing challenges with your target buyer personas in mind. This robust strategy considers each stage of the buyer’s journey with the ultimate goal of driving conversions and boosting your bottom line.

Our team is composed of expert copywriters, videographers, and marketers that can help you develop your brand’s voice, capture your business’s identity, and connect you with the right audiences. We infuse authenticity, relevance, and authority in every piece of content we create, helping to elevate your brand above your competition’s and set you on the path to digital marketing greatness.

What It Means To You

When you commit to a comprehensive content marketing strategy, you’ll see positive ROI, more conversions and direct sales, and higher site traffic. Visitors will be able to engage more readily with your brand, and you’ll be able to start conversations with them.

Users are looking for more authentic, less obtrusive ways of learning about companies and solving their problems. 86% of people skip TV ads, and 40% of laptop owners block ads altogether on their devices. By providing custom, relevant content to users, you’re staying in front of these vital audiences in an increasingly competitive landscape.

A robust content marketing strategy helps boost your website’s rankings, increase your authority in the eyes of potential customers, and connect with your target audiences. Marketers across the U.S. will only increase their content marketing efforts in coming years – don’t get left behind.

Suggested Resources

It’s true. Content is king. It rightfully reigns supreme over marketing efforts far and wide. We’ll gladly generate top-notch content to grow your business, but if you’re set on going it alone, these resources will help make the most of your effort.