Email Marketing

Encourage clicks and convert leads.

Email marketing is a crucial aspect of any inbound strategy. Make the most of it without becoming a spammer. We can help.

What It Is

Whatever your personal opinion about email (we happen to think it’s pretty nifty), the fact remains that email is an effective, low-cost way of connecting with your audience and forging relationships with customers.

We’re not talking about spraying mass emails out to anyone whose email address you’ve ever come across – we’re talking about targeted campaigns that drive conversions, boost web traffic, and reinforce your brand. Our strategies are built to put your business in the right inboxes at the right time.

Our strategies behind email marketing are, like everything else we do here, informed by the principles of inbound marketing. We take buyer personas, audiences, the funnel, and user experience into account in every email we create and every subject line we write.

Why We Do It

Email is an essential aspect of overall marketing efforts, and it can lead to impressive returns and conversions. People are twice as likely to sign up for your email list than they are to connect with you on Facebook. Email boasts higher conversion rates than search and social combined. And the ROI speaks for itself: for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

Especially as the digital world shifts to a mobile-first mentality, email is more important than ever. Marketers and business owners need methods of reaching people where they are – today, people are on their phones. And the vast majority of them check email from their phones.

If you’re in the B2B realm, it’s even more crucial to connect via email – 86% of professionals prefer email as their primary means of business communication. If you’re not engaging with your B2B customers there, you might be missing them entirely.

How We Do It

We take your goals and current strategies into account before building out a robust, targeted email plan for your business. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, we help segment your lists, build out buyer personas, and establish lead scoring to help you make the most out each and every send.

We build out key elements of a good email strategy, like strong subject lines and user-friendly design, so you can maximize opens, clicks, and conversions. We’ve got lots of tricks up our sleeves to boost opens and clicks, and we optimize everything for mobile. For good reason, too – 80% of users immediately delete emails not optimized for mobile.

With a comprehensive plan in place, you’ll be set to reap the rewards and high returns of email marketing.

What It Means To You

Once your email marketing plan is in place, you’ll see a higher rate of opens, clicks, and conversions. Your business will be in front of a mobile audience, and you’ll stay top-of-mind to critically important audiences across your email lists.

With a strong foundation, you’ll be able to grow your email lists and grow your reach. Social algorithms change constantly; studies show that only about 2% of your content actually makes it into your customers’ Newsfeeds. Email marketing, on the other hand, lands in 90% of intended recipients’ inboxes.

Suggested Resources

Saying just the right thing is crucial in your email strategy. It’s just as important in the rest of your marketing efforts as well. Reduce your company’s foot-in-mouth moments by taking some strategy tips from the resources below, and contact us when the time is right to make things even better.