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Creating a Coherent Brand Identity

Brand Research, Identity, and Consistency

Your brand is more than colors and typography — it encompasses everything that you are. Why you do what you do and how you do better than anyone else. We can help you define and present it to your audience.

Brand Identity Development

For a brand to carry any weight, it has to stand on a foundation of clear values. We call this your “why” — the reason your organization exists and the reason you get out of bed in the morning.

Once we’ve established your “why,” we can move on to your “how” — the way your organization does things differently from everyone else. This is what sets you apart from the competition and draws your customers to your brand above all others.

Finally, we’ll establish your “what” — the nuts and bolts of what your company does.

Your customers need to have a clear impression of what purpose you serve, what problems you can solve, and how you can become a part of their daily lives.

These brand values will inform every other aspect of your company’s outward identity, so it’s crucial that we establish them first. If you already have a clear brand identity, that’s great! We’ll help you incorporate that identity with the latest research and platforms to ensure that your company is reaching the next generation of consumers.

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Visual Identity

It takes a new user less than a second to form an initial impression of your website. Long before they read a single word of copy or look at images, they’re making snap judgments about your brand and your company. Every visual component of your brand, from your website to your emails, social media profiles, and print collateral, needs to give the right impression.

When choosing brand visuals, color matters. Certain colors give the impression of professionalism, calm, energy, happiness, luxury, or other emotions that you may want to evoke. The same goes for the images you choose — even if you’re using stock imagery, your visitors and customers will draw conclusions about your brand from the photos and graphics on your site. We’ll help you establish a visual identity that you can use across the web to foster recognition and familiarity.

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Voice & Tone

Voice and tone refer to the way your brand communicates with the written word. Think of your brand as a person — how does that person talk? Do they use long sentences and big words, or do they keep it brief? Do they use swear words and puns? Do they poke fun at anyone? Do they make jokes about themselves or are they self-serious?


Your customers will ascribe a personality to your brand whether you intend it or not, and they’ll notice when a piece of messaging seems out of character or off-brand. Creating a consistent set of guidelines for your organization is vital.

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Messaging & Platforms

The final step is to decide what you want to talk about. Some brands focus on their value propositions, while others choose to talk about issues that they hold dear. Patagonia doesn’t talk nearly as much about the waterproofing technology in their outerwear as they do about the environmental causes they support. Other companies are laser-focused on product features and the characteristics that set them apart.

We’ll also help you decide where to establish a marketing presence. There are dozens of social media sites and other communication channels available, and not all of them make sense for every company. We’ll analyze your audience and where they spend their time to ensure that you’re not wasting resources on platforms and channels that don’t make sense.

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Real Results

Results is not a buzzword at Madison Taylor Marketing. It’s simply what all of our efforts set forth to achieve. Otherwise, what’s the point? The return you can expect on marketing strategy and services investment, demonstrated in our case studies, isn’t hype. Our bottom line is to improve your bottom line.

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