Leadership Team

 Do it right or not at all.

The entire team at Madison Taylor Marketing really should be featured here – it’s how things work internally. We know you want to get a sense of leadership mentality and competence, though, so here it is.

Plan, execute, revise, repeat.

Please don’t get us wrong. We’re well aware of the pitfall of allowing the perfect to become the enemy of the good. Doing things right or not at all became an unspoken mantra back when we made the transition from a consulting firm to a full-service agency. Honestly, we were tired of watching good ideas being poorly executed. You deserve quality marketing from your agency. We use sound operational and project management practice to make that a reality, every time.

That’s really the reason our leadership team exists: to make sure we never, ever become that which we were founded to combat.

Aimee N. Meester

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Aimee founded Madison Taylor Marketing in 2008 and serves as the current CEO, though is affectionately referred to internally as the chief marketing aficionado. Aimee has broad experience in marketing strategy and operational execution and demonstrated success implementing strategic business initiatives. Aimee started Madison Taylor Marketing to help small and medium-sized companies across the country accomplish business goals through effective marketing. While the agency has grown, Aimee’s focus has remained the same.

Working with creatives, vendors, colleagues, and clients, she has learned to adapt quickly, laugh easily, and look forward. Her ability to turn organizational dreams into reality has been roundly recognized by clientele over the years. Aimee is involved in several community organizations, including serving as the incoming Chair of the KidsTek Board. KidsTek’s non-profit mission is to provide technology experiences and career guidance to under-served youth in Colorado. When not working or volunteering, Aimee enthusiastically devours fantasy novels.

Christopher Copen

Chief Operations Officer

Chris joined Madison Taylor Marketing in an advisory capacity in 2010 and then in a full-time capacity as COO in 2017. Chris comes from the world of education where he instructed social science, humanities, and business courses prior to overseeing program administration at one of the nation’s largest institutions of higher education. With Madison Taylor Marketing, Chris has put both his MAEd and MBA to work facilitating creative production and managing agency growth strategy.

He enjoys staying grounded and connected to clients by participating in creative production and front-line operations activity. Chris is a connoisseur of alternative music and science fiction. He is also known to enjoy the Colorado craft beer scene, a lot. When not with books or beer, Chris can be found on the sidelines of his kids’ sporting and academic events as avid fan, occasional coach, and eager mentor.

Aaron Rawls

Chief Information Officer

Aaron joined the Madison Taylor family in 2017 as our Chief Information Officer. He has a passion for advancing organizations through strategic technology solutions. Aaron has more than a decade of leadership and technology experience, spending much of his career in higher education operations. He puts his expertise to work after hours by advising non-profits and small businesses in his community.

Aaron operates The Pug Farm – a non-profit animal welfare organization. He also serves on the executive board for Piedmont Arts, a nationally accredited arts museum in Southern Virginia. Aaron dedicated several years to the U.S.’ southwestern Baldrige program, a nationally sponsored organizational excellence program dedicated to promoting highly effective organizations in a global marketplace.

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