4 Easy Blog Posts That Will Spark Attention

Blogging has become a way of life for millions across the globe. What started as an outlet for individuals to vent their frustrations, share family stories, and talk about their favorite movies has become an absolute tour de force in the business world. Simply put, if your company isn’t blogging – it isn’t living!

The question is, what should your blog be about? Here are a few of our own go-to types of topics that really work for us here at Madison Taylor Marketing and have proven to be very successful for our clientele:

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

Creating a list – like the one you’re reading right now – is not only one of the most popular types of blogs to create, it has shown to be the most effective much of the time. Here, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you talk about. You can list “5 Best Things…,” “7 Tips…,” “Ways to Improve…,” etc. Just make sure that it’s relevant to your business and/or product/service (duh). You can mine ideas from your own FAQ, consumer concerns expressed on social media, competitor sites, and various other resources.

How to Do This, That, or the Other Thing

People often turn to the internet to learn how to do something new or find out how to fix a specific problem they’ve had. Writing up a how-to guide, whether it’s a blog or whitepaper, will draw these consumers to your site. This is also a great place to convey the use of your own product from time to time. The trick, though, is not to appear too “salesy.” Today’s consumers will shy away from that. Instead, present the information in such a way that is purely informational, with no more than one mention of your company (excluding the mention in your closing, of course). And don’t be afraid of providing DIY tips for services you provide – while this might seem counterintuitive, the truth is that it’ll show that you have expertise in the matter and people will hire you to do the work for them. This topic is living proof of that concept!

Industry News

You know what’s better than sharing industry news with your existing and potential customer base? Writing about it! Blogging allows you to present industry news with your own unique spin and will help expand its reach. Instead of spreading out another entity’s information, you will be creating your own. For a good example, check out what we did when Twitter announced a character count increase from 140 to 280. We didn’t just cover it in social media – we made our own spin and wrote a blog about it. You can check out what we did by clicking right here.

Tackling Customer Questions

This is one area that many companies completely miss out on. Every business receives multiple questions about a product or service, whether it’s through email, Facebook, or another platform. While you can certainly answer a consumer’s question through whichever medium you were contacted through, these questions can be perfect to fashion an informational blog around. Because, for every person who does contact you about a question or issue, there will be dozens, hundreds, or perhaps thousands that do not but still need answers.

These are just a few of the many types of blogs that you can use to build your company’s own unique voice. In addition to writing blogs for clients, the folks at Madison Taylor Marketing create social media campaigns, design websites, conduct email marketing strategies, power up your SEO, take your brand into the stratosphere, and pretty much everything else under the (marketing) sun. Give us a shout and we’ll do for your company what we’ve done for many others – help build success!


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