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5 Reasons You Should Consdier a Blog Writer

In a lot of ways, your company’s blog is the centerpiece of your marketing strategy. The content you publish must be of good quality and posted on a consistent basis. Many businesses have come to realize this, but the problem is that most owners don’t have the time needed to dedicate themselves to a regularly scheduled blog, nor do they have the staff needed to tackle such a job.

The solution is to outsource your content. If you’ve been on the fence over the decision, here are five ways to know that you are in desperate need of a blog writer outside your company:

You’re Serious About Solid Content

While blogs may have started out as a silly way for individuals to get on their soapbox and complain about everything from recent movies to their experience at the drug store, these literary hotspots have now evolved into the cornerstone of online marketing. As such, those who are serious about using content as part of their strategy should turn to the use of outsourced content. This will keep quality writing flowing on a regular basis, and will take the burden off of you.

Your Staff is Not Experienced

Not everyone can be a writer. In addition to a certain level of writing skill and proficiency, writing also takes a special kind of hermit to sit at his or her desk for a good chunk of the day. Even if there are members of your staff who have great communication skills and could be groomed as your company’s primary writer, you must consider the amount of time and resources that may be needed in order to achieve this. Every minute spent writing a new blog is a minute that this staff member could be doing something else.

Published Content is Inconsistent

In the real world, success can often come down to “location, location, location.” But this is the online world we’re talking about. Here, it’s actually about “consistency, consistency, consistency.” Writing the very best blog content the world has ever seen won’t mean diddly squat if it’s only be published once every two months. The unfortunate truth is that writing content often goes to the back burner. What you really need is to publish new blog posts between 1-3 times per week. This will help you find new potential customers and keep your current ones happy. If you can’t keep up, it’s time to hire someone who can.

Content Has Failed to Covert Visitors

All the content in the world won’t help your business if it doesn’t successfully convert leads into customers. If you’ve been trying to pull in leads for a while with your own blogs, you may have to admit that what you’re writing isn’t what many would consider to be “premium content.” Instead of losing sleep over it, the time may be right for you to hand over the reigns to an outsider who is skilled at maximizing exposure and conversion through the use of premium content that leads simply cannot resist.

Writing Has Become a Burden

If writing isn’t fun for you, there’s a good chance that you’re being counterproductive when writing your own blogs. Instead of seeing the process of writing as something you enjoy doing, you view it as little more than a chore. Yes, writers are being paid so it could be argued that it’s a certain type of “chore” for them as well. The difference, though, is the vast majority of writers got into writing professionally because they enjoy the art and act of composing the written word.

The use of a blog can improve your company’s exposure and bottom line. It can be the centerpiece of your online marketing strategy. For maximize effectiveness, though,  the best choice you can make is to trust those who write for a living to provide you with blog content. You’ll still be able to maintain control over titles and make edits, but much of the burden and stress will be gone.


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