5 Ways to Wreck Your Social Media Campaign

Who cares if your last social media campaign bombed? After all, social media is a dying entity and the only people using it are the marketing dinosaurs who are desperately clutching to the past. Right?


Social media is perhaps the greatest thing to come along for marketing since the advent of television. The multiple platforms that exist allow you to reach millions of potential customers without breaking your budget and can increase your business’s livelihood in ways that you’ve only dreamed of. Of course, it isn’t magic. You still need to work hard and do things right. But, by all means… if you want to ensure a terrible social media campaign, here’s what you’ll want to do:

Don’t Go After Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience and then utilizing social media to advertise directly to them is a great way to draw more customers into your brand and gain a good reputation among multiple groups. A target audience is more likely to buy your product, frequent your website, and tell their friends about you. So, if you want to have a terrible social media campaign, you must avoid your target audience like the plague.

Ignore All Analytics

The analytics attached to each social media campaign will help you realize which platforms and content performed the best and which didn’t perform so well. This allows you to make tweaks to future campaigns, thereby increasing your chances for a successful campaign next time. Since that will most likely mean an improvement to your overall brand, along with bigger profits, it’s probably a good idea if you forget that analytics even exist.

Your Hands Are in Too Many Cookie Jars

There are quite a few social media platforms out there – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. – and it’s a good idea to hit a few of them at once. But, if you want to torpedo your campaign, you need to spread yourself too thin. Instead of sticking to three or four platforms, hunt down a dozen or so and blanket the internet with your “fantastic” social media expertise. This will keep you from focusing on where your customers really are.

Create Boring Content

One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is to create fun and engaging content that they’ll want to share with others. Companies that provide great content will see increases in overall exposure and a better reputation, so you want to avoid that at all costs. By creating boring content, you help these consumers save time and energy by giving them absolutely nothing that they’ll want to share. This will give them plenty of time to watch a few more cat videos, so kudos on a job well done!

Ignore Your Customers

You’ve already been clued into the fact that customers aren’t real people. They don’t have emotions or opinions, so why waste your time with them? When you create a posting on Facebook and someone responds, the last thing you want to do is engage in any way. Doing so could make you seem relatable and they’re likely to think that you care about their thoughts. Ignoring them is the only way to keep your bad social media campaign going.

Oh, who are we kidding? We know you don’t want to conduct a terrible social media campaign. What you need is one that delivers what you expect it to deliver – results! – and that’s what Madison Taylor Marketing can do for you. Not just with social media, but with multiple aspects of marketing to ensure a healthy brand and more exposure. Give us a shout today and we’ll get you started.



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