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7 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

We don’t just want customers. We want super customers. Think about it this way. There are football fans that watch the game on Sundays, go tailgating and have their favorite teams. Those fans are great, but it is the super fans that go to every game, live and breathe football and their favorite team is as much a part of them as their mother, that define a football team. That is the type of customer we want. Be Available. When a customer knows that no matter the problem, the issue, the time or the circumstances that you are there to help, they will not only love you for it but tell everyone else about it too.

Be Convenient

Think about your customer and what they need and when. Make it convenient for them to do business with you by thinking ahead to what their needs will be and when they will have the time to get it done.

Be On Time

FedEx has made their mark by not only being a dependable shipping service, but telling people exactly when they can expect it. You don’t always need to be the fastest, but telling people what to expect and then following through builds confidence.

Be Attentive

Think about the last time that you had to take your car in for service. This is not something on the top of your ‘favorite things to do’ list, but if you go to a place that has drinks, wifi and cable all of a sudden your experience isn’t that bad. Think about those little things and provide them to your customers.

Be Giving

Give a little back to your super customers by offering frequent buyer discounts, referral rewards and other fun stuff. Make sure that you incorporate this into your marketing efforts too in order to inspire more super fans.

Be Deserving

If you want the super customers, be a company that deserves them. Provide good value, have integrity at the core of everything you do, and always put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Would you be a super fan for your company?

Be Who You Are

Being authentic attracts more people than being what you think they want. Stay true to who you are, the fundamentals of your company and the things that you want people to hold true about your company.


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