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Converting Buyers From Possible Customers to Clients

In case you’re not familiar with the clearly professional jargon of “Looky Loos,” we’ll break it down for you: these are people who visit your website, sometimes on multiple occasions, but never seem to purchase your product or try out your service. While this can sometimes be annoying, it’s just part of being in business. After all, do you purchase something from every single website you visit? Or course not.

What you need to concentrate on isn’t the annoyance or disappointment of these Looky Loos, but the hidden truth behind them — these people may not be purchasing anything right now, but they are visiting your website. This means that you should be looking at each of these visitors in only one context, as potential customers. And it’s your job to give them every reason to convert into actual customers.

Tips to Help You Turn Those Looky Loos into Customers

Although nothing is assured in business, there are definitely steps you can take to increase your chances at changing visitors of your website into actual customers. In fact, if you handle them the right way, you could be looking at obtaining a lifelong user of your products or services. To get you started, here are some tips to follow:

  • Create a professional website — If your website looks like it was thrown together in half an hour, potential customers aren’t likely to trust you too much. Most customers aren’t expecting your website to look like Yahoo or Google; they simply want something professional. If possible, hire someone to design it for you. Or, if that’s not in your budget, just make sure that your overall appearance — pictures, fonts, etc. — are at least somewhat on par with the big boys.
  • Use accurate landing pages — No one wants to click a link based on a certain keyword only to be taken to a landing page that doesn’t match up. They’ll feel as if they’ve been given the ol’ Bait-n-Switch. Tailor each keyword to accurately reflect the landing page on which it’s based. This ensures a higher level of trust between you and the customer.
  • Write dazzling copy — If you can successfully grab a Looky Loo’s attention by the use of the written word, then you’re already halfway toward conversion. This isn’t just true of your homepage, though. Every single page on your site needs to be written as if it’s the first chapter of a fantastic novel, intended to get the reader’s attention.
  • Use video, where appropriate — We are in an era where most people, not only potential customers, wish to ingest everything quickly and succinctly. There’s a reason why those awesomely adorable yet somewhat irritating cat videos aren’t fifteen minutes long. If it fits your business, create a video on your homepage that introduces your product in a unique or funny way. Just make sure that it’s well-produced and not too long.
  • Give something out for free — Everyone loves a free product or service. Customers who may be teetering on what you have to offer may be more inclined to purchase at that moment or in the future if you can give them something for nothing. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a free trial of a service or a free download of an ebook. If you can’t offer anything for free, then discount the heck out of something for the customer’s first time.

Watching loads of Looky Loos visit your website without purchasing can be a harrowing experience, but it’s also a part of being in business. Although there is no precise way to turn each of these persons into a paying customer, following these tips will help you put your business above much of the rest. Let us know how it goes!


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