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Navigating the Endeavors of Branding

Branding. Do it right and you’ll draw in customers faster than you can imagine. Do it wrong and you’ll never get noticed on a large scale.

Branding is essential, because it helps your intended audience recognize what you stand for immediately. When introducing a new product or service, or advertising existing ones, successful branding will increase the likelihood that potential customers will check out what you’re offering. The problem is that branding can be an extremely daunting endeavor — a chore that many businesses struggle with on a daily basis. The good news is that although improving your branding strategy isn’t an exact science, there are steps you can take to help yourself along.

What we’re going to do here is provide you with five elements of branding that you should be employing at every juncture in your strategy:

Element #1: Brand Name

This might seem obvious, but trust us — we’ve seen some great businesses that often forget to use their brand name on a regular basis. You want your brand name to be all over the place — on every website page, on every Facebook post, etc. If possible, you could even try to stick your name onto a product or service… like Google Maps and Microsoft Office, for instance. This will help engrain your brand name into the minds of potential customers.

Element #2: Logo

Everyone knows the golden arches of McDonald’s. Everyone knows the bitten apple of Apple. Everyone knows the simple “F” of Facebook. These logos are recognizable because not only are they well-designed, but they’re seen everywhere. Your company’s logo should stand out well enough that it’s recognizable without any context, and should be included on every page, post, etc., just like your brand name. A good logo can sometimes make or break a business, so make sure you pay close attention to this one.

Element #3: Visible Tagline

For God’s sake, people… choose a tagline that fits your brand and plaster it all over the place! A tagline can be be just as important as your brand name and logo, so it’s best to use it everywhere you can. Some companies integrate their tagline into primary logo, but that’s not usually necessary. If you don’t already have a tagline or are looking for a new one that stands out better, you may want to consult with a professional.

Element #4: Images

You’ve heard the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” right? Well, it’s absolutely true. Visitors to your website, Facebook page, Instagram page, etc. will be delighted by the use of images that convey what your brand is all about. This goes for both illustrations and photos — make sure that each one you use represents your brand in some way. Plus, make sure that you’re using a consistent style, as in similarly sized pictures and whatnot. This will provide your audience with a sense of uniformity in your brand.

Element #5: Consistency

The last thing you want to do with your brand is change things around too much. Customers don’t care for businesses that are wishy-washy, not to mention that it’s difficult to stay up with a brand if it’s all over the place. To avoid any issues, make sure you stay consistent in terms of your mission statement, logo, presentation, etc. If you do this, more people will begin to recognize your brand.


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