Easy Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Now

you’d like lately? Don’t panic. Even the best marketing strategies can get a little bit stagnant after awhile. The good news is that you don’t have to stay stuck. This series will highlight 12 awesome tips for spicing up your marketing campaign and breathing new life into your brand.

Make Friends

Going it alone in the marketing world is always more challenging than partnering up. After all, as the saying goes, two heads ARE better than one. Beyond that, though, most of us tend to perform our best when we’ve got a teammate who is counting on us to deliver, and that means better content. On top of everything else, those who seek out marketing partnerships will be able to immediately expand their reach, getting instant connections to a whole new consumer market.

Give Users a Voice

If you’re not on the User Generated Content (UGC) train yet, it’s time to hop on board! Consider the fact that the majority of millennials have reported that they are willing to invest a pretty hefty chunk of their time in reading content that has been created by their peers. When it comes down to it, people simply prefer to read and/or view content that was generated by other people – just like them – that they can relate to. Emotionally riveting stories, the exchange of clever ideas, and even personal reviews go a long way in selling new customers on your brand.

Be a Problem Solver

No one likes a problem, but everyone likes a solution. Your products and services actually exist based upon that principle! Although your business is a solution to consumer problems, the best brands go above and beyond the call of duty, providing even more simple solutions to daily challenges that their target audience members might face. Offering up life hacks, “how-to” tutorials, hosting Q&A sessions, and creating special apps that simplify processes are all a great way to solve more consumer problems and get your name out there in a positive way.

Bring Customers Together

Want to get your customers talking about your brand and building hype about what you have to offer? The best way to generate that level of excitement is to bring your customers together. AMC’s “Mad Men Yourself” and AmEx’s “OPEN Forum” are two great examples of this type of service.

Get Under the Influence

No, we don’t want you to do shots or smoke a joint for this one! Instead, we want you to reach out to key industry influencers and collaborate. Reach out to bloggers and social media personas that have an active voice and leadership role within your industry and community and ask them if you can share their content, or if they would be willing to write a guest blog post on your behalf. Find out if they would be interested in sharing your content with their audience. This type of collaboration can allow you to tap into a new audience.

Try New Things

So, you’ve got a blog. Maybe you even have a Facebook account. That’s good enough, right? Wrong. If you want to market your brand successfully, you must be willing to constantly try new things in order to connect with your target audience. This means testing out different channels and platforms to get a better idea of where your audience is located and how to best engage them. Experiment for a while and see what works for you – you never know what’s going to completely change your business for the better!

Have Fun!

Would you rather buy from a brand that is dull and serious, or one that has a fun spirit and positive vibe? Unless you’re a total anomaly, you’d gravitate toward the fun guy! Your consumers appreciate seeing that your brand loves what it does and has a good time doing it. You can still demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, but have a sense of humor about it, or be playful with your video content. You won’t regret it.

Make It a Team Effort

Your company’s employees can be the biggest cheerleaders for your brand. Consider putting the spotlight on your team members, asking them to share their favorite things about your brand, offer tips on products, or otherwise engage with your target audience. Reward your employees for sharing your content with their family and friends. Use ALL of your resources!

Pay Attention to Existing Customers

Yes, reaching out to new, potential customers and drawing in more business is a huge part of marketing, but don’t forget about the customers you already have! In order to grow, you’ve got to maintain your existing clientele while adding to it. One of the best ways to keep your customers loyal and feeling special is to provide them with special offers and rewards as a “thank you” for their business.

Embrace Big Data

Big Data is big, exciting stuff in the world of marketing. It’s never been easier to capture accurate, relevant data about your customers and what is driving them. Not only can you keep an eye on performance metrics that will reveal which of your marketing strategies are (and are not) working, but you can also use predictive analytics to make determinations about what your customers are going to do or need next! This gives you a huge advantage in making offers that will resonate with them. Take Red Roof Inn, for example. They’re using big data on canceled flights to target stranded customers. Brilliant!

Venture Out Into the Real World

Cyber marketing is awesome because you can reach anybody, anywhere, anytime. Even so, you shouldn’t overlook your local customers or forget about getting out into the real world to do a little campaigning. Consider bench marketing, using sidewalk chalk hashtags to intrigue local consumers, hiring an artist to complete an eye-catching mural for your business, or take some inspiration from CitiBike – have bicyclists ride around with your business name on it! Be creative.

Take Advantage of Nostalgia

We live in the great age of nostalgia, and marketers can definitely capitalize on that. In fact, Entrepreneur Media recently released findings from the Journal of Consumer Research that revealed that people are actually willing to pay more for products that have an emotional tie to past memories than when buying products to create new or future memories. Consider launching campaigns that take millennials back to the good ol’ 90s and start seeing results.

Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to dry up or become stagnant and dull. By incorporating a few of these exciting marketing tips into your campaign you can start having fun and growing your business once again. Looking for more ideas and further help? Give the pros at Madison Taylor Marketing a call today.


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