Is Your Marketing Strategy the Weakest Link?

Your business offices are located in a prominent part of the city. Your products have been carefully developed for maximum aesthetics and performance. You offer services that are far superior to any of your competitors. Your prices are to die for.

So… why isn’t anyone buying your stuff?

It doesn’t matter how great your goods and services are or how nice your offices look if no one has heard of you. That’s where good marketing comes into play. Unfortunately, many small to mid-size businesses make the mistake of focusing all of their efforts on other aspects of their organizations and forget to make marketing a top priority. When that happens, businesses struggle and often fail. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

If you believe that your marketing strategy is the weak link that is bringing your business down, you’re in luck. As marketing experts, we’ve made it our mission to help people just like you, and that help begins with our blog. Take a few moments to read up on how to refocus your efforts and turn things around for the marketing side of your business – quickly and affordably.

Goodbye, Outbound

If you’re still relying on outbound marketing tactics to help you reach the masses, you’re in trouble. People are not interested in being force-fed a message that your brand is the best or that they should buy your product. In fact, today’s consumers are actually paying money to opt out of advertising. Whether it’s while watching TV, playing games on their smartphones and tablets, or navigating the internet, people will shell out cash in order to avoid outbound marketing. It’s just not working anymore, and focusing your time and money on these areas will only hold you back, and may even lead to your ultimate demise.

Hello, Inbound

So what’s the solution? The smartest brands are deploying INBOUND marketing strategies instead. As the name suggests, inbound marketing is the total opposite of outbound. Rather than cramming a message down your audience’s throat, you’re actually allowing your prospective customers to come to you, powered by their own searches and needs. This yields organic leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer, and are much more prepared to move through the buyer funnel and make a buying decision more quickly.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do any work, though. Yes, the goal is to have your customers seek you out rather than the other way around, but in order to be found, you have to provide some bait. With inbound marketing, it’s your job to create unique, relevant, informative content that will cater to the needs and interests of your consumer audience. This can be accomplished through maintaining a regular blog, generating infographics, creating YouTube videos, writing e-books and White Papers, etc.

Social Media Matters

Don’t forget to include social media in your marketing strategy! With billions of people logging onto social media platforms each day, it’s imperative that you maintain active accounts that allow you to engage with your audience through posting regular updates and integrating sharable content. This will expand your reach even faster and further than ever before.

Stepping up your marketing game is a lot easier than you might initially think. Inbound marketing is not only extremely effective, but it is also very budget-friendly, and can save you a lot of money that was previously spent on outbound tactics. And while inbound marketing does demand an investment in your time, you can always let the professionals, like Madison Taylor Marketing, shoulder the burden for you. Give us a call to learn more today.


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