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Condensing Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

With 2015 in full swing, it may be time to reevaluate your marketing strategy for the year. You need to figure out how much money you can put toward your campaigns, analyze previous campaigns to determine what worked and what didn’t, and decide the best tools at your disposal to ensure further success.

It’s also time to cut out the fat. Not everything works in marketing for every business, and certain trends experience a kind of ebb and flow from year to year, or simply don’t work well at all with your goals. Only you can decide which techniques don’t seem to be working for your business, but here are some things to watch out for during the coming year:

Real-Time Marketing

When done properly, real-time marketing can be a boon for your business. This technique became especially popular in 2013, when Oreo famously tweeted a quickly-produced marketing ad during the Super Bowl blackout that said “You can still dunk in the dark.” Unfortunately, real-time marketing is very hit and miss, and some businesses have seen it backfire due to ill-conceived “quickie campaigns.” So while you want to remain timely, make sure that you develop something that will have a positive impact.

Social Media

Social media networks are indispensable at this point, but some companies are spreading themselves too thin. Facebook and Twitter are mainstays, but you should take a look at any others, including Pinterest and Instagram, to see whether or not they’re working for your business or if you’re simply wasting your time and effort. One social media site to consider if you haven’t already is YouTube, which is second only to Google, a fact that seems to be lost on many marketers.

Expecting People to Discover Your Content

There’s an old adage in Hollywood that basically said you could throw a great screenplay into the street and it would find its way to production. Though far-fetched, its sentiment was true for a time, but not anymore. These days, no matter how good your content is, if people don’t know where to find it, it won’t be found. More companies are beginning to see the value of creating content, and more content means it’s that much more difficult to ensure that yours is discovered. You need to take the bull by the horns and draw people in if you want your content to be “discovered.”

Cheesy Stock Photos

The use of stock photos as a low-cost tool to promote your business and content is an excellent idea. The problem is that many companies aren’t careful enough about the photos they choose to use. Try to be a little selective. If a stock photo looks like something you’d see in a 1995 marketing campaign, perhaps it’s not right for your website or even a blog post.

Neglecting Mobile Design

The world has gone mobile and if you’re not taking advantage of this fact, then you’re missing the boat. It is now necessary that your website and other content operate properly on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The interface will need to be different than what you use for desktops and laptops, especially on a smart phone’s small screen. If you don’t design your content to be accessible on mobile devices, you could be hurting your business all year round.

How you choose to tackle your marketing strategy for 2015 may very well determine if the year is a success or a dud. There are a number of strategies available to you, and the first one we would suggest is cutting the fat and focusing on techniques that have served you best. Good luck and tell us how it goes!


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