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Adjusting Landing Pages to Improve Conversion Rates

Attracting dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of leads to your landing page is useless if those leads aren’t being converted into paying customers. What many businesses seem to overlook is the possibility that their landing page just isn’t working in its current state. To assist you on that front, we’ve compiled some simple tweaks that will help improve your conversion rate:


  • Make Sure It’s Relevant — No one likes the old “bait and switch” technique. It’s a cheap trick that will likely cost you more customers than it helps you gain. If each landing page isn’t relevant to the link that was clicked to get there, your visitors probably won’t hand around too long.
  • Use Great Visuals — As a company, you want to excel in a lot of things but blandness is not one of them. While it’s important to keep your use of color or other visual imagery in check, you want to use images on your landing page that will entice a lead to give you a further look. This is especially true for each page’s primary image.
  • Check the Message’s Clarity — The message that you’re trying to convey should be clear and concise. Attention spans seem to be shorterthan ever these days, especially when potential leads are shopping for goods and services. The simpler  and clearer you are, the more likely they are to stick around.
  • When in Doubt, Add Bullet Points — A great way to be clear and concise, as suggested above, is the use of bullet points. If you have a chance to use them (as we’ve done for this blog article), then do it.
  • Change Your Headline — A fantastic way to grab someone’s attention is to start your headline with an action verb. If not, visitors could pick up on an unintentional passiveness, and that’s the last thing you want. If your headline already begins with an action verb and you’re not getting a healthy amount of conversion, consider changing the entire headline.
  • Simplify the Form — If one of your goals is to have visitors fill out a form to receive information about your company, a free download, marketing e-mails, etc., then you want to make it as short and simple as possible.
  • Make it Mobile-Friendly — Mobile device usage has reached a fevered pitch, so there’s a good chance that a huge chunk of your website visitors are using their mobile phones, tablets, etc. to view your site. You want them to have a great viewing experience, so making your site mobile-friendly is imperative.
  • Get Your CTA Buttons to Stand Out — Your entire landing page is basically designed to attract customers who will hit those magical little buttons. If your CTA buttons blend into the rest of the page, they could be easily missed. Try one or more of these three techniques: change the color to stand out from the page’s primary color, surround the button in white space, and/or make the button bigger (just not too big).
  • Promote Your Pages — Let’s face it: the world is now one big social media extravaganza. Like all other marketing techniques, promoting your landing pages on various social media sites — Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest and Instagram — is a great way to bring more potential leads to your site. Just make sure you’ve followed all the other tips listed here so they’ll stay once they get there.

You definitely shouldn’t underestimate the power of your landing pages and the importance of making them attractive to potential customers. By following the above techniques to tweak your landing pages, you’ll improve your conversation rates in no time.


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