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Make 2015 the Year You Master Mobile Marketing

As increased sales throughout the holiday have shown us, mobile marketing is here to stay. In fact, if you’ve been ignoring this platform, you may find yourself left in the dust by your competitors. With the saturation of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets in the market today, the use of these devices for online searches, product reviews, and purchases has increased in ways that few people could have predicted.Do you want to stay ahead of the curve? Then you want to make sure 2015 is the year that you master mobile marketing, and you can begin by following these five simple tips: 

Tip #1: Utilize the Proper Keywords

Using proper keywords to maximize online searches isn’t anything new, and for the most part, you’ll utilize them in mobile marketing in the same way that you have with content marketing. There is one key difference, however: many mobile users are conducting local searches. This means that it’s important that you include your location in your keyword optimization to improve the likelihood of potential customers getting a hit. Also keep in mind that mobile users often only type in a few words, so make those keywords count.

Tip #2: Include Contact Information for Physical Establishments

As mentioned above, mobile searches are very often local searches. This means that if you have a brick-and-mortar business, you’ll want to include your contact information to make it easier for potential customers to find you. Including both an address and map will make it easier for customers to reach out to you once they’ve located your business. Plus, it helps if your company has been listed in local business listings and directories.

Tip #3: Connect with Your Customers

Due to the proliferation of mobile use at this point, it’s actually become much easier to connect with your customers through a mobile application than with the use of other techniques. What you want to do for 2015 is make mobile marketing a priority. When you offer a special item or discount, update your mobile site first in order to get a jump on potential sales. Another great way to connect through mobile devices is to provide users with a way to opt-in to receive alerts for new offers and discounts.

Tip #4: Improve the Creativity of Your Mobile Website

There’s no rule that says your mobile website needs to mimic your business’ normal website. In fact, mobile users often appreciate creativity more than someone viewing your website on a desktop because as functional as mobile devices are, they are seen as a device of entertainment. More creativity on your mobile website will increase the likelihood that potential customers will be attracted to your product. So don’t be afraid to test out different looks and features for the mobile site.

Tip #5: Ensure Its CompatibilityIf your website isn’t compatible with mobile devices, you’ll be dead in the race before the starting gun goes off. Incompatibility with mobile devices provides a bad experience with your customer, and we all know that a bad experience won’t entice leads to become full-fledged customers. This is especially true with a major new release of a device. When a popular mobile device is released upon on the market, such as each new iteration of the iPhone for example, it’s important that you test its compatibility with your website and make any necessary tweaks.

Mobile marketing is yet another tool that can help increase your share of profits, no matter which industry your business is in. By providing your customers with a better mobile experience by following the above tips, you’ll attract new customers and retain their business.

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