Marketing to Women? These Tips Will Help!

Knowing your audience has always been a cornerstone of marketing. Nowhere has this been truer than when your target audience is women. As representatives of approximately half of the world’s population, women hold a phenomenal amount of buying power. If you don’t understand certain things about their gender and act accordingly, you could find your next campaign floundering as you desperately try to figure out how you screwed up.

We’d hate to see this happen, which is why we’ve compiled a handful of guidelines to follow when marketing to women:

Don’t Generalize

The number one thing that some marketers tend to forget is that women are more than just a simplified label. While they’re extremely proud to call themselves a “mom”, a “daughter”, or even a “single woman”, each one is wholly different from the next. A woman is an amalgam of her own individual experiences, and while it’s a good idea to focus on the aforementioned labels during certain campaigns, it’s also important that you don’t generalize the entire gender as if they’re all the same.

Causes Are a Big Deal

Men and women across the globe love to donate their time and money to worthy causes, but women are more likely to spend their money with companies that give a little extra to causes they believe in. If you can integrate a cause that appeals to women into your marketing campaign, you’re likely to attract a higher number of them. The great news is that there are plenty to choose from that focus on women issues, helping the homeless, children concerns, and others that they are interested in.

Focus on What Matters to Them

You need to understand the importance of connecting to women during each marketing campaign. As we explained above, each woman has her own set of life experiences. This means that what matters to them will differ from person to person. This is especially true when you consider the fact that women are embracing their diversity like never before. They are proud to label themselves as LGBT women, trans women, women of color, and a whole slew of labels that celebrate their diversity rather than lock them into a simplified category.

Teach… Don’t Sell

Men and women love catchy slogans and flashy visuals, but women have a tendency to be more impressed by understanding what a business’s product actually does. They like to understand the inner-workings of whatever your company has created, and once they’re aware of that, they are more likely to tell their friends. This level of word-of-mouth marketing can be a boon to your campaign if you play your cards right.

Don’t Just “Pink It Up”

It may sound ludicrous, but you’d be surprised at how many marketing campaigns have focused on women simply by changing an existing graphic to include a splash of pink. Yes, women like the color pink, but guess what? They like other colors, too! Maybe adding in a little pink into a campaign worked in the past, but those days are long gone. In fact, this strategy can be seen as downright insulting as it squeezes women into one specific mold. Just in case you weren’t aware, NO individual — man, woman, millennial, baby boomer, retiree, etc. — likes to be pigeon-holed.

No matter who your audience is, it’s important that you have a marketing guru by your side at all times. The professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing have years of experience is assessing your campaign needs and finding ways to grow your company’s brand. Click here to learn more about what we can do for your business.


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