How to Optimize Search for Youtube

If you keep up with our blog, you know that we’re big fans of video marketing. After all, a huge majority of online consumers respond positively to video content and are often compelled to share it with their peers. Those who are new to the concept of video marketing, though, may struggle with it a bit at first. In fact, you may feel like no one is watching your videos at all. So. what’s the solution? YTO – YouTube Optimization!

Okay, sure, we totally just made that up. But, even still, let’s take a look at seven awesome tips for pumping up your search optimization within YouTube.

Tip #1 – Title

One of the first things a user notices when searching for videos is the title. In fact, the title could be the determining factor on whether or not a viewer decides to click on your video. Consequently, your title needs to be not only interesting and compelling, but also clear and to-the-point. You should also consider the terms or words that your target audience might be searching for, as the more closely your title matches with his or her search, the more likely it is that your video will pop up.

Tip #2 – Description

When writing up a video description, you’ll notice that Google limits your character count to 1,000 characters. Even though you’ve got some room to write, you may not want to use up all that space. Remember that only the first two or three lines of text will automatically appear (after that, users must click “show more” to see the full description), and that your viewers came here to watch a video – not to read. Keep this section short and direct, and use keywords wisely.

Tip #3 – Tags

Don’t ever skip out on creating YouTube tags! These tags not only clue your viewers in on what the video is about, but they also notify YouTube on what type of content you’ve created. Ultimately, tags allow the platform to truly understand the content and context behind your video. In this way, YouTube can direct more people to your video content and expand your reach.

Tip #4 – Category

After you’ve uploaded a video, you should take the time to categorize it. This can be done by going under “advanced settings.” Upon doing so, your video will be grouped with similar content on YouTube, which can help viewers who are watching related videos to stumble upon yours.

Tip #5 – Thumbnail

As viewers scroll through a list of video results, they’ll be able to take a look at the thumbnail images of relevant videos. Along with the title, this is the most important visual cue that will “sell” your audience on the idea of clicking on your video. To get the best image possible, you may want to steer clear of the auto-generated thumbnail that YouTube has to offer, instead uploading one of your own. For optimal results, use an image that is at least 1280×1280 pixels, saved as 2MB or smaller.

Tip #6- SRT Files

Subtitles and closed captioning are purely optional, but they can actually help your YouTube optimization a heck of a lot. The words used in these captions can boost SEO by highlighting important keywords. What’s more, some users appreciate being able to read the text when they are watching a video on mute.

Tip #7 – Cards and End Screens

When a viewer finishes your video, you don’t want them to click away and forget about you. Be sure to add cards to your videos that can encourage your users to subscribe to your channel, that link viewers to your website or e-commerce platform, that encourage your audience to respond to a survey question, etc. An end screen is also utilized (obviously) at the end of your video, and is used to offer up details about you – the content creator. This description can also increase search rankings.

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