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Content Marketing Tips For Your Brand

It wasn’t so long ago that blogging was in its infancy, that it did little else to provide a voice for those who wanted to talk about their families, rant about what was going wrong with their lives, and the things that made life great. People with opinions on movies, politics, and even their favorite types of underwear finally had a voice… and it was amazing.

Businesses quickly caught on to the phenomenon, realizing that blogs and other content-heavy platforms could serve as a great way to provide information to current and prospective customers. These days, this practice is essential for all sizes and types of businesses. The use of these platforms to disseminate information, talk about new products, and create a relationship with customers has proven itself to be a vital asset — one that you should definitely take advantage of.

So, how can you use content marketing to gain exposure and draw in customers? We suggest that you start with these four tips:

Create Meaningful Content

As you can imagine, there are tons of business blogs and other content outlets in existence… and chances are, you’ll find several in the same industry that you’re in. This is why it’s essential that you create meaningful content that will connect to your customers. You want to provide information that will actually be valuable to the customers that you’re attempting to woo or they’ll quickly lose interest. If you doubt your ability to be consistent, or simply don’t have time for it, using a third-party content developer is definitely the way to go.

Be Consistent About Disseminating Information

If there’s anything that’s just as important as the type of content you’re posting, it’s the regularity in which you’re posting it. Posting content at random intervals will not keep prospective customers engaged enough to pay attention to what you’re offering. Choose a posting schedule — once or twice a week, for instance — and stick to it! Consumers these days are technologically savvy and are typically not too kind of businesses that can’t keep up.

Utilize Multiple Social Media Networks

Facebook and Twitter get the most attention in the realm of social networks, but don’t discount secondary platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Your posting strategy should consist of any social network that makes sense for the type of information that you’re providing, and the type of business that you’re running. For example, if your business consists of using images to convey information, then Instagram or Pinterest could be more important than the others. Also be sure to stay aware of trending topics that you might be able to jump onto as a way to promote your business.

Consider Hosting Options

When developing a marketing strategy, there’s no reason that you can’t team up with others. Find a partner that compliments your business and have a representative write up a guest blog for your site that makes sense for your products or services, while celebrating theirs. Then, you can switch and write a blog for their website. By working together, both businesses can be helped with minimal effort because you’ll pull in the other business’ customers. This is what they call in the marketing realm as a win-win.

Marketing content should be one of your biggest priorities when it comes to creating a strategy that pulls in leads and converts them into customers.


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