Instagram Content Ideas for Your Business

When businesses set out to make their mark on the social media world, the typical plan is to hit the two mainstays, Facebook and Twitter. These two sites are a great place to start and will serve your business well, but in the words of Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a-changin’.” Think of social media’s love affair with photos — if you’re not utilizing Instagram, you are missing out.

That’s right – if your business has any kind of visual component to it, you’ll want to have an Instagram presence. The trick, of course, is providing a continuous flow of content in order to keep followers engaged. So, what types of content is best for attracting people and keeping them around? Here are some quick ideas:

Focus on a Product or Service

This is arguably the most obvious type of content to include on your company’s Instagram page. Focusing on a specific product or service will immediately draw attention to what your business has to offer. Just make sure that you don’t make the post too sales-oriented — users will see right through it. Instead, find a casual way to discuss the awesomeness of what you offer.

Give Followers Behind-the-Scenes Access

There’s a reason why so many behind-the-scenes documentaries and even Blu-Ray featurettes are produced each year. People love to get the inside scoop of what is traditionally labeled as “employees only.” Instagram provides a great opportunity for you to give your current and potential followers a peek of what’s behind the curtain. Once they know how you operate, they’re more likely to feel connected to you as both a business and a brand.

Show Off Your Awesome Employees

In addition to providing a sneak peek of your company’s processes, highlighting your employees is a fantastic way to make a true connection with followers. Seeing the smiling faces of workers doing their jobs, whether it’s at a desk or in a warehouse, will make today’s consumers warm and fuzzy inside. People these days are more in tune than ever with how businesses treat employees and Instagram makes this possible on a regular basis.

Provide an Inspirational Quote or Message

You would be amazed at how effective an inspirational quote or message can be, especially early in the morning when someone is just starting their day. A good quote can stay with that person all day long, improving their interactions with others as they take what’s being said to heart. Remember: people don’t always remember what you said, but they will remember how you make them feel. If you provide content that helps people associate warm fuzzies or positive vibes with your brand, you have won the day.

Stoke Conversations With Engaging Content

It doesn’t hurt to blend the good feelings you get from Instagram posts with some seriously engaging content. With Instagram, this is often done by posting a specific photo and asking questions about it, which will be answered by followers who love to engage. And once the ball gets rolling, you’ll see others join in the conversation before you know it.

Post Content That Followers Have Created

Perhaps the best type of content of all is the type that you don’t create yourself. After all, if you can get others to advertise for your business, you’ll save both time and money. To accomplish this, do something like ask your followers to provide a certain type of photo and then, with their permission, share the best ones the next day or later in the week.

Do you need further assistance with Instagram or any other social media platform? Are you having a little trouble deciding which platforms are best for your business? The professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing can help you devise a complete marketing plan that will take your business to new heights.


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