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The Power of Reviews in Your Marketing

As everyone knows, online marketing consists of a variety of elements that must be considered if you truly want to achieve success. One of these is the use of customer reviews. Many businesses seem to forsake such things, but in this time of Internet awareness, these reviews can be an important tool in your overall inbound marketing plan.

Include Customer Reviews in Your Advertising Materials

It can be a massive misstep at times if you disregard the use of customer reviews. Even when they can’t be immediately substantiated, people are often highly influenced by what they at least perceive others to think of your product or service. Independent reviews can sometimes be quite long, so the trick is to grab a snippet that you think will have the most impact when it comes to drawing in your customers. You can either garner these reviews yourself through a series of online tools (such as surveys where you ask for additional comments) or simply search review websites for snippets that you can use. If you choose to do the latter, simply contact the website and ask about their policy of using a portion of a review that has been posted.

Sites Like Yelp Can Possibly Make or Break Your Business

There are many review websites on the Internet that people often turn to when they’re trying to find out how others feel about a certain product, service, location, etc. One of the most popular of these — Yelp — has proven to be greatly influential in the formation of a general public opinion about a business. They may not have the power to bring down a business in its entirety, but what they can do is discourage others from trying it out. Luckily, websites like Yelp and others understand the power they wield and will go to great lengths to allow for fairness. Not only can you easily find positive messages concerning your business, you are given the chance to respond to complaints if you desire. This is a great way to stay connected to your customers. Whenever a problem occurs and a person is vocal about it, you can face the issue right away and attempt to fix it. In fact, you may even get a good review out of it that you can use in the future.

Using Customer Reviews to Make Improvements

Every business always has a number of things on its plate at all times. Sometimes, even in the most organized business, it can seem to be a bit chaotic. Which means that it’s relatively easy to not even realize that there’s a problem with a certain aspect of your company. By using customer reviews to identify weak spots within your business, you can more effectively make the types of changes that customers truly want to see. Perhaps your service level in a specific area isn’t up to your standards. Or maybe a product has demonstrated a flaw that you weren’t aware of, and pulling the product temporarily to check it out will prevent negative reviews. Although it may not seem like it, this is simply another form of Internet marketing that allows you to be proactive in making improvements to your business.

As the use of the Internet has increased over the years, so has the power of customer reviews. Customers who believe that something about a product or service isn’t up to their standards now have the power to speak out to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of consumers all at once. By staying aware of existing customer reviews and sometimes including them in your online marketing plan, you’ll stay ahead of the game at all times.


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