Time to Give Your Website a Once-Over

Have you taken a good, hard look at your company’s website lately? No matter the size of your business or the lavishness (or lack thereof) of your website, it’s a good idea to take a gander every once in a while and make any needed changes. At the very least, you should at least give it a once-over every six months or so?

What kinds of things should you pay attention to? Here are some items that we think are important:

Modern Appearance

Have you ever come across a website that looks like it was created during the Eisenhower administration? You don’t want your website to look outdated or your customers may be weary of checking out your products or services. The good news is that even low-cost website builders can make your site look great these days.

Updated Images

Still rocking that trendy image that made you look “hip” five years ago? If the answer is “yes,” you’re really just fooling yourself. You should update at least some of your images every once in a while, especially if you use anything but your company’s logo on your home page. This is the perfect way to improve the appearance of your site with very little effort.

Cool Logo

If you have the perfect logo for your company, then great — keep it! But if you’ve come up with better ideas since you started the company or you have a sudden spark of genius, there’s no reason you shouldn’t update your logo. You could even hire someone to design a logo for you and pick their brain a little. You want your logo to stand out and be unique, and optimally, to provide an immediate recognition as to what your company is all about.

Grammar and Spelling

We covered the importance of proper grammar and spelling on your website just last month, which you can read right here. So while we don’t want to bore you by repeating ourselves too much, just remember that bad grammar and spelling can make your website look unprofessional and downright sloppy. If you lack solid editing skills, that’s okay — that’s what professional writers and proofreaders are for.

Working Links

Every person reading this, at one time or another, has clicked a broken link. And how did that make you feel? You got annoyed, didn’t you? That’s exactly why you should do a quick check of each link on your own website, paying close attention to ones that aren’t connected directly to your company since you never know when a link may have been changed. Not only do broken links annoy people, but they kill conversion rates.

Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

In a lot of ways, your website’s CTAs are your real bread and butter. You want to make sure that they’re up-to-date and that the offer is still relevant. Also check to see if each CTA is resulting in hits and leads. If not, then it might be time to switch them out for something a little fresher.

The Competition

A great way to make sure that your website is poised to bring in leads and convert those leads to actual sales is to check out the competition. Look at various websites by others in your industry and see what they have that you don’t. We’re not saying to steal anything, but believe us when we say that when your competitor was developing their own website, they did the same thing. Heck — they might have even mined your site for ideas at some point.

Whether your website is looking great or could use a complete overhaul, Madison Taylor Marketing can help you make the most of it. Our staff of professionals will show you the tools needed to attract customers to your website, and how to keep them engaged once they arrive. Contact us today and we’ll get you started!


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