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Today’s Savvy Consumers and Green Businesses

“Going green” is an expression that gets bandied around a lot, but it means different things to different people. Some people drive electric cars, compost all their food, and have gone plastic-free, and others just put their green foot forward with recycling instead of tossing everything in the trash. There is a push to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, and according to, a full 72% of Americans care at least “a little” to “a lot” about environmental issues. Times, they are a-changin – and your business needs to adapt, too.

We thought we’d tackle a few facts concerning what we truly know about how attempts to improve the environment are changing the way businesses conduct themselves on a regular basis and the roles that consumers are playing in this endeavor. We can’t cover everything in a single blog post, but here are a few things you should know:

Fossil Fuels Are Destructive to the Environment

Can we get a collective “duh” for this one? Seriously… it’s safe to say that everyone understands at least some of the damage that has befallen this planet thanks to our use of fossil fuels. The techniques we use to process fossil fuels and turn them into energy we can use are destructive and energy-intensive. We know fossil fuels are finite resources – and smart businesses will recognize that, too.

We Don’t Really Know the Extent of the Damage

If you thought that what we know about environmental harm that we’ve been doing is scary, you probably won’t feel better realizing that what we don’t know is potentially much worse. For instance, we know that the techniques we’re using are affecting animals and the environment in countless ways, but the full effects of everything from migratory patterns and longevity of species are not yet fully understood.

Consumers Want the Businesses They Frequent to Be Green

Today’s consumers are increasingly astute when it comes to selecting businesses that they wish to patronize. This is especially true with Millennials who are not only insisting that their favorite businesses take up a cause to pour money into but are also expecting businesses to take steps toward a more “green” attitude. In response, many businesses are jumping right in by conserving energy, eliminating paper waste, ditching the use of plastic (like us!), and similar techniques.

Consumers Despise Posers

Whatever you do, please don’t “greenwash” your business. Not only does lying about cutting down on your company’s carbon footprint have ethical problems attached to it, today’s consumers can spot a poser a mile away – and they will punish you for it. The gamble you take simply isn’t worth the backlash that you’ll experience. While your business might not be able to install solar panels and kick plastic out of the workplace entirely by next week, small steps you take are important – and consumers will know if you’re pulling the wool over their eyes. So do it right, do it well, and see the positive effects on how potential customers perceive your company.

So, step one: go green. Step two: get a reputable marketing company on your side to help spread the word. Madison Taylor Marketing prides itself in helping clients strategically grow their presence and their bottom lines. Reach out to our experts today, and we’ll get you started on the path to success.


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