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Turning Your Content Marketing into a Driver

Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools available to any business searching for a way to draw in new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more. But have you ever sat down and seriously thought about how many blogs are posted on a daily basis across the Internet? Well, we sure hope not, because that would be a pretty boring day.

Of course, the fact that you’ve probably never given it any serious thought doesn’t make it any less important. Blogging was originally relegated to people who wanted to tell everyone about their day or take a political stance, but it is now everywhere in business. While this is a good thing, the problem is that standing out is getting increasingly difficult. After all, how do you use your content marketing as a driver for your business when thousands of similar companies are doing the same thing?

Standing Out Amongst the Crowd

Your mom probably told you while growing up that you were a unique individual. Maybe she even used some analogy that included the word snowflake. The same goes for your business. Even when your business is similar to another, there are always differences that you can use to your advantage, whether it’s in the way your product or service has been designed, or the way that you interact with your customer base. This is something that you must tackle in order to create a blog that people will actually be interested in reading. Because, let’s face it, many blogs out there don’t get as much readership as their company would probably like.

Creating a Worldview

So what you must do is set your content apart from other blogs that are trying to do the same thing. This can be accomplished by creating what’s known as a worldview. Your worldview is based on all the experiences that you’ve had as both an individual and as a company. This is a process that takes time to develop. Everything you experience, everyone you know, and even your genetic makeup has the potential to shape your worldview. You will also need to pay attention to what’s going on with your interactions with the general public so that your worldview can be developed from that information. This includes creating surveys, reading online reviews, analyzing your support e-mails, conducting interviews, reviewing your testimonials, etc.  You can then take all of that information and inject it into your blog to help its content become a driver for your business.

Apple’s Worldview

To give you a prime example of a worldview, which is also discussed in this content marketing post, look up Apple’s 1984 commercial on YouTube. The worldview here is not a complex one. It is simply to not conform. Despite not having a large share in the marketplace at that time in the company’s history, this commercial helped Apple to stand out and further its cult following, which later helped it to become the extremely successful company that exists now. WIthin approximately one minute, Apple told the world what they represented. Of course, no one expects your blog to be so dramatic, but you get the point.

Not the Same as a Buyer Persona

It’s important that you realize that your worldview is not the same as the creation of buyer personas. In our Buyer Personas and Why You Should Care blog that was posted last year, we went into great detail about how to create such a persona. This is different from the worldview that you present because whereas a persona is basically a list of behavioral patterns, purchasing decisions, how technology is being utilized, etc., a worldview represents the reasons behind such things.

Yes, content marketing is everywhere, but many businesses haven’t truly learned how to wield it successfully. When you do, in part by infusing it with your worldview, you’ll draw in customers where you may not have realized they existed.


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