Avoid Politics on Your Social Media Account

You’ve probably heard it said that you should never talk about these two subjects at the dinner table: 1) religion and 2) politics. After years of experience in the digital marketing arena, though, we’re going to take things a step further and say – definitively – that you should also avoid talking politics on your social media accounts! We’ve seen too many social media disasters caused by a divisive political stand, or even by a seemingly harmless meme. When it comes to all things political, we urge you to simply stay away! Read on to learn more about our stance on this matter.

What’s the Problem with Mixing Business and Politics?

The whole objective of creating and maintaining a social media account for your business is to allow your audience to get to know you better and to develop more of a personal relationship with your brand. Because your political belief system is a part of who you are, you may feel like it’s a good idea to share your views on social media. This, however, could quickly blow up in your face. Here’s why:

Politics are incredibly divisive. 

The smallest difference in opinion can spark a heated debate across political lines. Even if the argument happens amongst your page’s followers without your involvement, this type of negative activity will reflect poorly on you as a brand. You want to build a community of fans and followers and avoid sparking angry debates. In addition to dividing your community, politics can also create division between your organization and prospective customers. Don’t let your political ideals stand between you and those who might otherwise be interested in doing business with you.

Politics are complicated. 

You may think you know a whole lot about a particular political topic, but if you’re not an expert and make any type of mistake in your statement, you could come off looking incredibly foolish or uneducated. No matter how well-intentioned you were, this will definitely reflect poorly on your brand and is likely to cost you some customers.

Politics are far-reaching. 

Remember the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? With the level of connectivity amongst people in today’s world, there’s a good chance that you’re only six degrees (or fewer) away from someone who holds a political office or is running for a political office. The last thing you want is to say something that could offend the higher-ups and negatively impact your business, especially if this person decides to disseminate your position to his or her followers.

Politics have nothing to do with your business. 

This may be the last point, but it should always be at the front of your mind when posting to social media. Unless your organization is actually political in nature, there’s absolutely no reason to bring politics into the discussion. Keep the focus on topics that are relevant to your industry and you’ll enjoy a much higher degree of success.

What About Being an Activist for a Cause?

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. When it comes to engaging in politics on a business social media page, probably the only exception has to do with standing up for specific causes. If your brand supports a certain human rights movement or charity, by all means, shout it from the rooftops! This type of activism can help to humanize your brand and help to put your name out into the world in a positive light. Just be sure to keep any extremism, judgment, or divisive statements far away from promoting and supporting your cause.

Is your social media page inclusive of all viewpoints, or does it create division and hostility through polarizing political posts? It’s always helpful to have a fresh set of eyes review your account and provide you with valuable insights. To get a quick rundown of the proper strategy, click here to download our social media guide. Then, reach out to the team at Madison Taylor Marketing for expert opinions and assistance with creating a highly successful social media account.


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