How Blogging Can Help Your Company


If you’re anything like us, you worried a lot about being “cool” in high school. No matter how popular or unpopular you were, all of your decisions revolved around what your peers were going to think. And even though your parents probably told you that being cool didn’t really matter, you scoffed at their wisdom and made it your mission in life to be as cool as you could possibly be.

Now that you’ve grown up, you’ve discovered who you are as an individual and have become a lot more comfortable and confident. Maybe you’ve stopped working so hard to keep up with the latest trends and be viewed as “cool” by the rest of society. That’s a great philosophy for living your own life, but it’s not the best move for business.

We ask you go to back and channel your inner high schooler in order to breathe new, COOL life into your business as a brand. That passion you had as a kid for wowing and impressing your peers is exactly what you need to attract the interest of your consumers.

How can you demonstrate your coolness to your target audience, though? Unlike high school, where you saw all of your classmates on a daily basis, you don’t get to regularly interact with your existing customers and prospective buyers in person. In some cases, you may never have a face-to-face interaction at all! This is exactly why blogging is so mission critical.

Your blog is your way of engaging with your consumer audience on a regular basis, ever-reminding them how smart, helpful, and yes, COOL, you really are. Here are a few ways that maintaining a regular blog will help to boost your cool factor:

  • It lets your personality shine. – Today’s consumers have a tendency of viewing businesses as corporate drones, all just acting as a clone of one another, trying to make money. Well, yeah, you’re trying to make money, too, but there’s so much more to you than just that! Your blog is your opportunity to let your unique personality come out and announce itself to the world. Let your target audience know what makes you tick, what you’re passionate about, and what causes you stand for. Being more personable will make you instantly cooler. 
  • It enables you to listen in on consumer conversations. – One cool thing about maintaining a blog is that you can get feedback from actual customers, and sometimes your posts can even spark conversations amongst the members of your target audience. By “listening” in on these conversations, you can gain insights about how to better cater to their needs going forward.
  • It acts as a platform for staying on top of trends. – Want to show your audience that you know what’s up? Use your blog as a means of posting current media in the form of memes, infographics, videos, and more, that show that you’re current with what’s going on in the world today.
  • It allows you to set your own trends. – The only thing better than staying on top of trends is having the opportunity to set your own. Come up with your own hilarious meme or hashtag that will catch on and inspire your audience to repost.
  • It keeps you at the top of the food chain. – Staying current with a regular blog will help boost your search engine rankings and keep you at the top of Google searches. If your blog is linked in with your social media accounts, your brand name will also stay at the top of your friends’ and followers’ news feeds.

Blogging may not be the newest technology, but it’s definitely one of the coolest. Could your brand use a little bit of help in terms of being cooler? Let the pros at Madison Taylor Marketing join your team. We’re happy to start helping you out today.


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