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Why Does Your Business Need Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing – the process of attracting customers to your company by way of social media, SEO, content creation, and other techniques – has become the bread and butter across multiple industries. For many, gone are the days of outbound calling and other intrusive strategies. Now, customers come to you – a concept that has drastically changed the dynamic between businesses and customers. But, why does your business need inbound marketing? We’re glad you asked!

Outbound Is Dying a Quick Death

Forget about grabbing the paddles and yelling “clear!” Outbound marketing has been flat-lining for years, and we’re to the point now where resuscitating it is pretty much a waste of time. And – that’s awesome! This means fewer annoying phone calls where you have to pretend you’re not the person they’re asking for. When outbound marketing does occur, it’s often a hybrid that utilizes outbound methods (direct mailing, email newsletters, etc.) while requiring an inbound response.

Online Usage Is Freakin’ Huge

While not every single person in the country uses the internet, millions of people access it on a regular basis. In fact, according to Pew Research  77% of Americans spend time online on a daily basis. If that isn’t too surprising, what about the fact that 26% are online “almost constantly”? This all adds up to a huge audience who is out there right now just waiting to discover your company’s products and services.

More Bang for Your Marketing Dollars

While marketing budgets vary by industry, the fact is, outbound marketing tactics get you less bang for your buck than inbound marketing does. Yes, there are costs associated with content creation, email, and lead nurturing, but don’t brush aside inbound marketing’s ROI. Inbound marketing yields an average of three times more leads than traditional marketing, and with a consistent strategy, the average cost per lead drops 80% compared to traditional methods. The best strategy is to hire an outside marketing firm who will create a plan for you and execute it to help maximize your exposure and profits. While these services aren’t free, they still cost much less than the outdated methods that businesses of the past endured.

People Hate Being Bugged by Salespeople

Cold calling isn’t fun for the person trying to sell something, and it’s certainly not fun for the person on the receiving end of the phone call. Even the nicest people on the planet can end up being really annoyed to the point of hanging up on the caller. The same is true with solicitors who ignore the “no soliciting” sign and come knocking on your door only to have it slammed in their face. With inbound marketing, the most “intrusive” sales strategies people ever have to deal with are pop-up ads or emails.

Attracting the Right Leads Is Much Easier

Inbound marketing campaigns are based on buyer personas, which are basically detailed descriptions of your business’s product or services buyers. These personas provide direction of where marketing endeavors should be focused, which increases the likelihood of collecting a higher quality of leads. As you might expect, with better leads comes a greater likelihood that they will purchase something from you.

At this point, we can’t imagine any kind of future when inbound marketing isn’t an intrinsic part of every business. You can make the most of this digital future by reaching out to the experts at Madison Taylor Marketing. Our professional team can utilize inbound marketing to help grow your business and brand. Give us a shout today, and we’ll get you started.


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