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Why You Should Consider a Marketing Agency

When you need someone to manage your team, you hire a team manager. When you need someone to pay your employees, you hire a pay roll manager. So, who would you hire when you need someone to manage your marketing needs?

If you answered: “A marketing manager,” you’re WRONG!

Did we trick you? If you’re like many other businesses, you’ve fallen victim to this trap. It seems logical in theory, at least. Unfortunately, when it comes to practical application, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single person who can carry out all of your brand’s essential marketing needs. After all, there’s a whole lot of knowledge, expertise, adaptability, and ongoing work involved with developing and implementing a marketing strategy that will meet the ever-evolving needs of your consumer audience while passing the tests of time — and Google! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Phew! We’re worn out just thinking about it!

The fact is that one person simply can’t handle all of these tasks. Or at least they can’t handle these tasks efficiently and effectively. To enjoy true marketing success, you need to employ a whole team of professionals who can work on your behalf. The most affordable and practical way to do this is to hire a kick-ass marketing agency. Still not completely convinced? Take a look at the three main reasons why a marketing agency is a much better option than hiring a single marketing manager.

1. Agencies Offer Tons of Experience

When you hire a marketing manager, what are you really getting? Well, you’re getting one person who likely has a broad understanding of all of the necessary marketing components required to keep a business relevant in today’s rapidly changing world, but that broad knowledge comes at a price. Because he or she is forced to constantly keep up with the latest industry changes and trends, there’s a good chance that they’ve never had the opportunity to become an expert in any one area. Ultimately, that’s not gonna do you a whole lot of good. A better strategy is to look to a marketing agency that can bring an array of experience to the table, all in one fell swoop. Instead of one individual, the agency offers a team of individuals who are experts in areas like web design, SEO, project management, social media, content creation, and more. The end result is a much more well-rounded campaign.

2. Agencies Give You More Bang for Your Buck

Remember that one, measly marketing manager that you were thinking about hiring? The guy who knows a little about everything as a whole, but can’t provide dedicated focus to any one area? Well, you’re going to end up paying him a salary, and marketing managers don’t come cheap. In addition to paying his weekly wages, you’re also going to be spending money on his personal equipment, like a work computer and phone, and paying into his health insurance and similar benefits. If he sticks around long enough, he may even ask for an assistant — and that means more money! With a marketing agency, you’re getting the expertise and attention of an entire team for less money than you’d spend on one or two individuals. In the professional world, we call that a no-brainer.

3. Agencies Work Smarter, Faster, Better

After working with numerous other businesses of all sizes, industries, and backgrounds, a marketing agency is able to act as a well-oiled machine. They know what works and what doesn’t work, and while they’re going to bring your individual brand needs to the table, they’re also going to integrate solutions that have been proven to be effective in the current marketing climate. A marketing manager, on the other hand, will need some time to get settled into your company and figure out what’s going on in your specific industry before they can make any real headway. In other words, marketing agencies are just a hell of a lot more efficient.


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