Your Brand is Dying, Here’s How to Save It”

Over the past year, your brand hasn’t been doing very well. No one seems to be interested in it anymore. New customers aren’t clamoring for your products or services. Past customers are no longer excited about your offerings.

It happens to many businesses. It can sometimes happen more than once to the same business, in fact.

The good news is that a dying brand can always be saved. Even in situations where businesses were harmed due to customer illnesses, corporate corruption, sexual harassment scandals, or similar bad press, brands have picked themselves up and started anew. Your brand isn’t dead, yet – you’re almost guaranteed a chance at resurrection if you follow these tips:

Figure Out Why People Left

Resurrecting a dying brand won’t do much good if you have no idea why your customers jumped ship in the first place. For this, you’re going to turn to data analytics. This will enable you to see what is and isn’t selling, which advertisement campaigns failed to produce results, which website pages aren’t being utilized anymore, and much more. And once you figure out why people left, you can devise a plan to bring them back – and others!

Target Specific Groups

Data analytics will also help you determine which types of consumers are purchasing your products or services so that you can target these specific groups rather than waste your time, energy, and money on people who don’t care. By focusing on these specific groups as you move forward, you’ll resurrect your dying brand at a faster rate. It’s a common truth that the reason why a brand often fails is because it’s simply not reaching the right type of audience. This strategy will help fix that.

When In Doubt, Emulate

Heck, even if you’re not in doubt, you should be emulating the success of others. Take a look at competitors in your industry with similar offerings and use their strategy as a template for your own. This can save you a lot of “trial and error” and could help rebuild your brand at a quicker rate. There’s no reason to feel bad about emulation – your competitors know that trick, too, and have certainly used it to their own advantage in the past.

Reinvent Your Image

Consumers are fickle. One moment, they can’t get enough of a certain product, and then the next week or month, they’re onto something else. Just look at Pokemon Go. You just remembered that was a thing, didn’t you? You didn’t dream it – people went outside in droves for a month or two – and then interest quickly waned. Heck, we even wrote about it! The point is, if your brand has been forgotten about, you need to think about reinventing it all over again.

Enlist the Help of Professionals

It’s been said that a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. Perhaps we wouldn’t go quite that far in terms of marketing for yourself, but there’s a reason why professional marketers are in their industry and you are in yours. Marketing companies handle branding issues day in and day out, and it’s essential to your success that you put your trust in the experts who know what they’re doing.

Does your brand need more exposure or a bit of repair work to be done? The experts at Madison Taylor Marketing can help.


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