Marketing & Sales Alignment

Teams working in synergy.

When you align your marketing and sales, everyone benefits. We’ll guide you toward real change in the way your teams work together. Sit back and watch the revenue roll in.

What It Is

Sales and marketing alignment is based on the simple, proven premise that your business performs better when sales and marketing work together. These two niches sometimes have different goals and communication techniques, which can make working together a challenge – until sales and marketing alignment enters the equation.

When the two teams are aligned, the sales team is able to explicitly state what kinds of leads they need and what their targets are. The marketing department, in turn, is able to provide better leads to the sales team. With a clear, defined lead scoring system in place and better overall communication, the business as a whole will see jumps in conversions and revenue.

That sounds pretty great, right?

Why We Do It

Sales and marketing alignment, when done properly, can lead to big returns for your company. We tackle challenges in this area because we want to empower your business to convert leads and grow. When the sales team gets the correct kind of qualified leads from the marketing department, they’re better equipped to nurture those leads through the sales funnel – and that leads to a bigger bottom line.

The numbers don’t lie: companies with good sales and marketing alignment practices generate 208% more revenue from marketing efforts. And when sales and marketing work together, companies are 67% better at closing deals.

With our robust approach to sales and marketing alignment, CRM integrations, and lead scoring strategies, you’ll avoid the conversion pitfalls so common in both B2B and B2C businesses.

How We Do It

Depending on your business’s needs, we’ll start by taking a look at your current lead scoring strategies, CRM system, goals, inter-departmental relationships, and conversion rates. From there, we’ll craft solutions to resolve issues in the following areas:

  • Sales and marketing alignment strategy
  • Lead scoring, rating, and definitions
  • CRM integrations

We’ll establish processes and procedures for optimizing communication between sales and marketing, and we’ll help teams determine the correct language and qualifications for lead scoring, rating, and definitions. Our experts are also well-versed in CRM systems of all kinds – if you’re using it, we’ve probably seen it. We’ll create a custom integration between your marketing software and your CRM system so everything is available effortlessly.

Your business’s challenges are unique, and so are our solutions. Whatever the size and scope of your needs, we’ll craft individualized approaches to addressing them.

What It Means To You

When you implement sales and marketing alignment in your business, you’ll benefit from a 36% higher customer retention rate, a 38% higher sales win rate, and up to three times more revenue growth than neglecting these strategies would bring.

Your sales and marketing teams will be aligned under the same goals, and with better communication, your business will see higher conversion rates and more revenue coming in. With effective lead management and scoring, sales and marketing will be able to prioritize their individual efforts to more effectively guide prospects through the sales funnel.

Sales and marketing alignment may seem like a no-brainer, but so many companies struggle with it. Our unique and comprehensive approaches will set you apart from the crowd, help you convert leads, and boost your bottom line.

Suggested Resources

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