In-depth research into your company, your competition, and your customers.

Know where you stand

Research First

You can’t just charge into a marketing campaign blind — you have to know what you’re building from first. That’s why research is so important. Before we publish a single blog, we’ll analyze your existing customers, your target audience, your competitors, and the entire industry you work in.


Market Research

Buyer Persona Development

Journey Mapping

Before you can sell your product, you need to know what the business landscape looks like. We’ll look into what’s trending in your industry, where your competitors are focusing their energy, and where your best opportunities lie.

Using in-house methodological expertise and leveraging leading industry-leading third-party research software, we dig deep and fast into data that are relevant to your business. And we turn research results into precisely targeted action to move customer acquisition and conversion.

Ongoing research engagement ensures that positive momentum becomes a trendline that will gratify the most critical marketing budget auditors. Real results follow authentic data-driven action.

You might know who’s buying your product, but who do you want to buy it? We’ll help you develop a comprehensive picture of your ideal customer, their interests, their most pressing problems, and where they spend their time.

We begin by tapping the knowledge base you already have at your disposal – the experiences and expertise of your internal team. Our experts then augment your internal customer profile with third-party research that shines a light on the entire market for your business and enhances our ability to reach that audience with the right message at the right time.

The result is a buyer persona profile set that allows for accurate targeting of your ideal audience – by media channel, geography, and messaging theme. Most importantly, we’ll partner to create highly visible and cost-effective conversion points, customized to your personas, to make sure you’re not losing out to your competition.

There are a lot of steps between a stranger first hearing the name of your company and their first purchase, and it’s in your best interest to find out what those steps look like. We’ll analyze the channels your customers use, the way they conduct research, and their highest priorities.

We know where your buyers become familiar with brands. Brand consistency and omnipresence increases the likelihood that your buyers will turn to you when they make a purchase decision. You don’t have to be everywhere all the time, but by understanding your buyers’ typical journey, you can seem like you are to the right audience.

Make sure your audience finds you when they’re ready to move, but don’t stop there. Let us help make sure your customers are thought of well after their purchase too. Creating brand evangelists is what we do because there’s no better needle-mover than satisfied buyers.



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