In-depth marketing research into your company, competition, and customers.

Influencing Strategy with Data

Marketing Research

We work hand-in-hand with your internal teams to systematically gather, record, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Through deep analysis, we can identify and assess competitive insights, market opportunities, and buyer behavior in order to optimize and target marketing efforts.

Situational Assessment

Every campaign begins with an assessment of the unique business environment surrounding your company and your brand. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors, examining their strengths, weaknesses, and how your brand can set itself apart from theirs. We’ll look into past, present, and future market trends to establish a strategic position and direction.

We’ll conduct internal interviews, collecting insights from every department to identify the areas where you excel and the areas where you could use improvement. Finally, we’ll audit your existing marketing efforts, keeping the most effective strategies, and cutting those that have failed to return on investment.

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Every piece of marketing material that we produce will be targeted toward an ideal client profile or buyer persona. To build those profiles, we’ll conduct a close examination of the characteristics your customers have in common and the problems your product or service is designed to solve.

We go to your customers directly to complete audience research and sentiment analysis. We conduct audience research and sentiment analysis on all of your marketing channels to build a picture of how your customers genuinely feel about your brand and your products.


By incorporating your customers’ desires and pain points, we can build a marketing strategy that addresses their requirements head-on.

We’ll also create your customers’ buyer’s journey — the steps, channels, and touchpoints that guide them toward making a purchase. By analyzing the way your customers make decisions, we can target our marketing toward their specific frame of mind.

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After implementing tactics based on the discoveries of the marketing research process, we’ll collect feedback from your customers. Through net promoter scores, focus groups, and surveys, we can isolate the aspects of any campaign that have resonated with your customers and adapt the ones that have fallen flat. Constant testing and analysis push strategy evolution forward so that your marketing is as relevant and relatable as possible.

Real Results

Results is not a buzzword at Madison Taylor Marketing. It’s simply what all of our efforts set forth to achieve. Otherwise, what’s the point? The return on marketing investment illustrated in our case studies isn’t hype; our bottom line is to improve your bottom line.

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Knowledge Base


High-level strategy paired with enterprise-level tools and technologies to deliver on marketing actions.

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Dive Deep

Pillars of Marketing

Want to know everything there is to know about a particular marketing subject? Our pillar pages explain the ins and outs of marketing strategy, concepts, and execution. Everything we know in one tidy package.

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Quick Reads


News, channels, updates, and ideas from all over the marketing world. Whether you need inspiration or just want to keep pace with what’s going on, we’ve got you covered.

Get in Touch


Reach out to schedule an in-person visit, video conference, or an old-fashioned phone call. No matter where in the world you are, our partnerships always feel local. Tell us what you’re looking to accomplish and let’s get started.

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