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Our Story

Providing Exceptional Marketing Since 2008

In 2008 the subprime mortgage crisis caused a minor recession, Barack Obama was elected, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt won nearly a dozen medals at the Beijing Olympics, and a fourth Indiana Jones movie launched after nearly 20 years.

Amidst all the chaos of the world, a small agency was born. At first, it hardly qualified as an agency — in reality, it had a staff consisting solely of Aimee Meester, Chief Marketing Aficionado and Colorado native.

Since then, the team has only grown in both size and expertise. In the last dozen years, Madison Taylor Marketing has stayed on the bleeding edge of the marketing world by staying nimble and delivering exceptional marketing and advertising.

We were one of the first integrated full-service agencies to embrace growth-driven design — the ability to launch a website as a minimum viable product in weeks, not months, while making continual as the clients’ needs shift and the data informs new direction. We’ve embraced account-based marketing, a laser-focused approach to landing big clients that tailors marketing directly to a specific account — or even a single person. And we’ve emphasized sales and marketing alignment, the strategies and processes that make sure sales and marketing teams are on the same page for more seamless lead generation and conversion since the very beginning.

Individual tactics will continue to change, channels will boom and bust, and terminology and tone will shift. But creativity, strategy, and passion will remain evergreen — and they inform everything Madison Taylor Marketing does. We are an integrated marketing agency built to deliver.

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Who We Are

Intent on delivering the best marketing you’ll find anywhere.

Who We Are

Relentlessly dedicated to client organizational success.

Who We Are

Committed to understanding client needs and customizing solutions.

Who We Are

Employing expertise to translate client goals into marketing results.


Aimee Meester

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Aimee

Aimee founded Madison Taylor Marketing in 2008 and serves as the CEO, though is affectionately referred to internally as the chief marketing aficionado. Aimee has broad experience in marketing strategy and operational execution with demonstrated success in implementing strategic organizational initiatives. Aimee started Madison Taylor Marketing because she believes that great organizations deserve great marketing. Marketing that encompasses all elements of the buyer’s journey and drives toward organizational goals, not vanity metrics. She leads Madison Taylor Marketing in delivering tailored, non-siloed marketing, advertising, sales and service alignment, and growth-driven website development with dedication, transparency, and excellence. Working with creatives, vendors, colleagues and clients, she has learned to adapt quickly, laugh easy, and look forward. Her ability to turn organizational goals into reality has been roundly recognized by clientele over the years. Aimee is involved in several community organizations, and presently serves on the KidsTek board, a non-profit organization providing technology experiences and career guidance to under-served youth in Colorado. When not working or volunteering, Aimee enthusiastically devours fantasy novels and loves being a mom to her two teenagers.

Chris Copen

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Chris

Chris joined Madison Taylor Marketing in an advisory capacity in 2010 and then in a full-time capacity as COO in 2017. Chris comes from the world of education where he instructed social science, humanities, and business courses prior to overseeing program administration at one of the nation’s largest institutions of higher education. With Madison Taylor Marketing, Chris has put both his MAEd and MBA to work facilitating creative production and managing agency growth strategy. He enjoys staying grounded and connected to clients by participating in creative production and front-line operations activity. Chris is a connoisseur of alternative music and science fiction. He is also known to enjoy the Colorado craft beer scene, a lot. When not with books or beer, Chris can be found on the sidelines of his kids’ sporting and academic events as avid fan, occasional coach, and eager mentor.

Aaron Rawls

Chief Information Officer

Meet Aaron

Aaron joined the Madison Taylor family in 2017 as our Chief Information Officer. He has a passion for advancing organizations through strategic technology solutions. Aaron has more than a decade of leadership and technology experience, spending much of his career in higher education operations. He puts his expertise to work after hours by advising non-profits and small businesses in his community. Aaron operates The Pug Farm – a non-profit animal welfare organization. He also serves on the executive board for Piedmont Arts, a nationally accredited arts museum in Southern Virginia. Aaron dedicated several years to the U.S.’ southwestern Baldrige program, a nationally sponsored organizational excellence program dedicated to promoting highly effective organizations in a global marketplace.
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We hire character. It’s strategically intentional and evident in every client interaction. Just as we trust our client partners to be open and honest with our team as we grow their business, we believe it’s our responsibility to execute on all of our promises with transparency and integrity. There’s no shortage of talented, creative individuals, but not everyone can produce exceptional results with rectitude and dedication.


The success of Madison Taylor Marketing is due in large part to maintaining transparency in every client relationship. We’re proud to take credit for our world-class deliverables, but we’re equally willing to accept responsibility when we make mistakes. We don’t hide from our failures behind obscure reporting or obfuscation. Our team doesn’t shrink from pressure — we thrive whether we’re celebrating our victories or learning from the times we’ve come up short.


We’re committed creative professionals, but creativity isn’t our sole objective. Every last member of our marketing agency team is relentlessly dedicated to client success. We invest ourselves fully in our clients’ goals and priorities, becoming our clients’ strongest and most vocal advocates. We know that what we do makes a difference and we put our marketing expertise to work around the clock so that our clients can focus on what they do best within their respective industries.


Their words, not ours

Madison Taylor Marketing is a well-oiled marketing machine. It is readily apparent that they are a POWERFUL forerunner of the marketing industry, and the crew is well-versed in the results-driven philosophy that makes MTM such a valuable asset to their clients. Bottom line: they are invested in their clients' prosperity, and they are driven to help their clients succeed in the best way possible.
Andrew D , Marketing Director
We enjoy the personal touch and attention we receive, combined with creative and experimental marketing ideas.
Howard B , Chief Operating Officer
Madison Taylor Marketing has been indispensable in our marketing efforts. They've helped us really dial in our efforts to respond to our customers efficiently. We've put forth a number of challenges and they have consistently thought outside the box in order to help us with solutions. Clearly an expert in the field and I truly enjoy working with them!
Amy N , Director of Marketing
They have increased our online presence and more importantly our client conversion. I highly recommend the Madison Taylor Marketing team to clients and other business owners.
Steven B , CEO
We've seen amazing growth in our organic and paid reach all directly attributed to their team. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to expand their presence online.
Steve N. , CEO
The team proved to be very thorough and professional, and the results were amazing! I recommend Madison Taylor to any organization that is seeking a professional agency with a personal touch.
Charlie K, President
Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all things marketing, everyone at this company relentlessly cares about making sure that their clients are not only seen, heard, talked about, and made into success stories - that is the definition of marketing, isn't it?
Mary R, President
Madison Taylor is one of the most dynamic, innovative, and refreshing companies out there. Friendly and quick to respond, proficient and knowledgeable - this team is top-notch!
Julian M, VP Marketing
We were impressed with their upfront communication and how the process would unfold... We tested them during the process by making changes and going backward on some of the designs, but they stuck with us and were never frustrated. In the end, we worked together as a team and with their help developed a very good product.
Brad W, President
Madison Taylor Marketing team are consummate professionals who continually exceed our expectations in quality, delivery, and customer service. Their leadership and vision are second to none, and their guidance will be invaluable for your business. It is truly a pleasure to work side-by-side with a company that leads with integrity and care.
Matthew P, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
What We're Proud Of

Awards & Accolades

We didn’t get into marketing for the awards, but we’re very proud of them all the same. Here are a few that make the top of the list.

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