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The Story Behind the Agency

Madison Taylor Marketing delivers a different type of agency experience. Since its founding in 2008, the agency has been driven by the desire to provide a superior marketing experience that views clients as partners. The agency’s reputation as a preeminent marketing partner was earned by delivering a wide range of marketing and business optimization solutions and executing them with integrity, expertise, and professionalism.

Agency success is measured by the success stories of partners. With experience on both sides of the client-agency relationship, Madison Taylor Marketing was established based on a desire to do things differently. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, Madison Taylor Marketing is designed to alleviate the frustrations that its own founders experienced as corporate leaders. At its core, Madison Taylor Marketing provides better transparency and better partnership, enabling the agency to cultivate authentic relationships with clients.

Designed to be Different – Intentionally

Madison Taylor Marketing is designed to be a solution to the problems its founders experienced while working with traditional agencies as industry professionals. Frustrated with the lack of client-centered services, the agency’s mission is to do things differently.

Clients’ first point of contact is always a marketing expert, not an up-selling specialist, and contracts are month-to-month, not long-term locked-in commitments. The agency’s number one priority is client organizational success, not its own profit margin. The dedicated professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing keep client needs at the forefront of everything they do, and they have thoughtfully designed operations and interactions to deliver an exceptional agency experience.

Success Defined by Partner Stories

Madison Taylor Marketing has provided services for a diverse portfolio of client-partners; however, the agency does not ride the coattails of these brands to distinguish itself. The agency’s reputation as an industry leader has been earned through its steadfast commitment to discretion, partnership, and results – Madison Taylor Marketing earns its accolades through the satisfaction and success of its clients. The agency fully invests itself in clients’ missions, goals, and priorities, in order to deliver desired results.

Celebrating Clients, Not Awards

At Madison Taylor Marketing, recognition is celebrated internally. Rather than spending time boasting about industry awards and success stories, the dedicated team of experts spends its time where it matters most: working directly with client-partners to deliver organizational results that the company believes are worth celebrating.

Authenticity and Ownership

Madison Taylor Marketing takes pride in its world-class deliverables, and the agency strives to ensure that client-partners experience success. Most importantly though, the team of professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing is equally willing to accept responsibility when deliverables do not go according to plan. The agency does not hide its failures behind hide its failures behind misleading conversations or obfuscated reporting. Rather, the agency’s team of authentic experts takes ownership and embraces failures as opportunities for innovation – and they put in the work to transform mistakes into measurable success.

Extraordinary Marketing, Driven by Extraordinary Individuals

Great marketing becomes extraordinary when industry professionals collaborate, establish a meaningful vision, and dedicate themselves to cultivating a brand that lasts. Madison Taylor Marketing is selective in determining its team of professionals, in order to achieve high standards and results for clients. As part of our partnership model, the agency insists our client organizations maintain the same commitment.


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