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Our Story

Madison Taylor Marketing was built to deliver a different type of agency experience. We were founded in 2008 with a desire to provide a better marketing experience for our clients. The agency’s reputation as a preeminent marketing partner was earned by delivering a wide range of marketing and business optimization solutions executed with integrity, expertise, and professionalism. We measure the success of the agency not by awards and accolades, but by the success stories of our partners.

We operate differently than other agencies. Our team has the business experience and expertise to realize results for our clients that marketing experts alone cannot replicate. We know sales. We know operations. We know technology. We take a partnership approach with client management because we’ve been on the other side of the agency relationship. We are dedicated to understanding client needs and relentlessly pursuing custom strategies that produce success. This is our commitment to our clients.

We’re Not Like Other
Agencies, Intentionally.

Madison Taylor Marketing was founded as an answer to the problems we experienced working with agencies as industry professionals. We made it our mission to do things differently. Our client point of contact is always a marketing expert, not an upselling specialist. Our contracts are month-to-month, not long-term locked-in commitments. Our priority is client organizational success, not our profit margin. We have thoughfully designed our operations and interactions to deliver an exceptional agency experience.

We Don’t Boast By Association

You won’t find a dozen client logos on this site – but rather some portfolio pieces used with permission. We don’t ride coattails and our client brands appreciate our discretion. Investing ourselves fully in our clients’ mission, goals, and priorities is where we spend our time, not finding ways to use our engagements with clients as a selling point.

We Don’t Chase Awards

You won’t find award logos on this site, either. We’re honored when we earn recognition and we’ll celebrate internally and give a shoutout our team on social media, then it’s back to work for our clients. We refuse to pay to play in this arena too, the open secret of most marketing awards.

We’re Not Afraid to Fail

We take pride in our world-class deliverables, but we’re equally willing to accept responsibility when we go on a ledge and miss the mark. We won’t hide our failures behind obfuscated reporting either. Our team was built not to shrink from pressure but to embrace the lessons that only failure can teach.

Great Marketing, Great People, Great Brands

Great marketing results from vision, hard work, and the collaboration of great people building great brands. We are selective in determining who we work with to maintain our ability to achieve the highest standards and results. As part of our partnership model, we insist our client organizations maintain the same commitment.


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Our Work

We create unmatched results for industry-leading brands.