Banking Case Study

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In the highly competitive banking industry, where products and services often seem indistinguishable, whether offered by multinational giants or small credit unions, achieving both a distinctive identity and significant revenue growth can be a challenge. Here’s how we helped a banking client create a unique identity and impressive growth.

  • Increased website visits by 285% YoY
  • Increased website conversion rate by 489% YoY
  • Increased sales qualified leads by 91% YoY
  • Increased lead call volume by 1277% YoY
  • Decreased cost-per-acquisition by 72%

The Challenges

One of the main problems our client faced was fragmented marketing efforts. They were engaging six separate agencies for PR, SEO, social media, digital advertising, and more. Poor communication among these agencies made our client act as its own intermediary during rollouts, proving time-consuming, costly, and ineffective. Our client also needed to strengthen their brand identity materials since their messaging, creative, and overall marketing efforts needed to be more consistent across the organization. Dispersed branding negatively affected their digital presence and required an overhaul. Poor alignment between marketing, sales, and service caused low customer acquisition rates, high turnover, and a subpar customer experience, resulting in high cost-per-acquisition and low ROI.

Here’s How We Did It

Employing a holistic, integrated marketing strategy, we seamlessly consolidated all of our client’s marketing efforts, revitalized their branding, and crafted an effective social media strategy.

  1. First, we unified the client’s marketing efforts, offering our full suite of services, including strategy, research, brand development, integrated marketing, advertising, and website development.
  2. We then started refining and realigning their brand identity to better align their goals and the buyer persona that the client wanted to target. With a new brand identity, we could implement brand standardization across every facet of the organization — the logo, fonts, graphics, voice, tone, and messaging were now consistent at every touchpoint.
  3. Next, we rebuilt the client’s website from the ground up on growth-driven design (GDD) principles — prioritizing the rapid launch of a better website. Over time, as we gathered user data, we’ve refined the user experience, expanded the capabilities and features of the website, and optimized for traffic and conversions.
  4. Taking the client’s organizational goals into account, we launched comprehensive campaigns across all traditional and digital channels to build a strong brand identity. One specific initiative projected a unified brand and messaging through digital and analog radio, social media, TV, OTT/ CTV, YouTube, display ads, search, remarketing, and print.
  5. Alongside these efforts, we implemented new alignment policies across marketing, sales, and service departments to ensure clear communication and seamless team handoffs.
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