Advertising Case Study

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Through the implementation of a well-crafted social media advertising strategy, coupled with meticulous tracking and testing, our client achieved remarkable outcomes.

Compared to the previous three-month average:

  • Increased LinkedIn CTR by 80%
  • Decreased LinkedIn CPC by 44%
  • Increased Facebook CTR by 406%
  • Decreased Facebook CPC by 26%
  • Increased Google CTR by 217%
  • Decreased Google CPC by 31%

Uncovering The Challenges

Our client approached us seeking assistance in revitalizing their digital advertising campaigns. As we engaged in discussions and conducted a thorough analysis of their analytics, we pinpointed the core challenges. The main issue was the advertising creative. Over three months, the campaign ran with the repetitive use of a single ad, resulting in a stagnant campaign with declining profitability. We also found that across all social and display platforms, the campaign only focused on a singular interest-based audience and did not adhere to social media buying best practices.

Here’s How We Did It

We began developing a digital advertising strategy by diagnosing the problem.

  1. To get to the bottom of the issue, we had to tag the data and segment the information based on the different characteristics of this ad campaign.
  2. After analyzing that data and finding patterns in what boosted ad performance, we built new advertisements designed to drive engagement.
  3. We improved audience targeting by utilizing groups already engaged with our client’s previous ads and implementing multiple audiences to test our new creative and messaging performance.
  4. As the campaign continued, we gained more data to analyze and more information on which to base future decisions. We ran various tests to determine which combinations performed the best. Understanding the different variables and noting which activations performed well informed campaign optimization priorities.
  5. Over the next few months, we monitored the new ads closely, turning off campaigns that produced lower results and increasing the ad spend on initiatives that produced higher results.
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