B2B Case Study

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We moved more leads through the marketing funnel, resulting in an 86% increase in MQLs and a 46% increase in SQLs.

  • Site visits increased by 77% YoY
  • Lead generation increased by 48% YoY
  • Lead generation increased by 48% YoY

Market Differentiation in the Tech Industry

A common challenge for many of our B2B clients is creating and implementing a consistent and effective integrated marketing plan. This was true for one of our B2B clients, who partnered with us because they experienced a business downturn and knew they needed a sound strategy for pipeline growth.

Before our partnership, our client’s marketing approach was characterized by heavy spending on traditional methods like print ads, billboards, and cold-calling, which resulted in minimal conversions. Furthermore, their marketing strategy also relied on broad, generalized messaging instead of targeted value propositions, and their sales and marketing departments weren’t aligned.

By meticulously targeting the right audience within their budget and timing and by working to align their sales and marketing teams, we enabled our client to improve their conversion and sales close rates. Our partnership resulted in a 300% increase in marketing ROI and consistent pipeline growth.

Here’s How We Did It

From the beginning, we focused on partnering with our client to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that leveraged targeted messaging, a clear brand identity, and strategic alignment between their sales and marketing teams. By committing to an inbound marketing strategy, sales and marketing alignment, and brand consistency, our client started to see meaningful results quickly.

  1. First, we worked with our client to develop and implement brand guidelines, encompassing logo usage, fonts, imagery, and tone. These elements ensured a cohesive brand identity across all platforms.
  2. Next, we analyzed the customer journey by tracking and analyzing the digital journeys of existing clients. Through this process, we created detailed buyer personas that guided our targeted marketing efforts.
  3. After establishing a strong brand identity and outlining the customer journey, we created a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy emphasizing strategic content creation over traditional ad spending, resulting in a more effective and efficient approach.
  4. After implementing our comprehensive strategy, we used data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and deliver messages to the right audience at opportune times, increasing engagement and conversions.
  5. Lastly, we fostered better collaboration between the sales and marketing departments by promoting seamless communication, which enhanced lead-generation efforts and improved deal closure rates.
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“Madison Taylor Marketing is a well-oiled marketing machine. It is readily apparent that they are a POWERFUL forerunner of the marketing industry, and the crew is well-versed in the results-driven philosophy that makes Madison Taylor such a valuable asset to their clients. Bottom line: they are invested in their clients’ prosperity, and they are driven to help their clients succeed in the best way possible.”

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