Brewery Case Study

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A large aspect of our strategy was creating relationships between our brewery client and Colorado-based restaurant groups for placement and mutual promotional efforts. Inbound marketing is a long game — but when the foundational pieces work together, you see real results. Our integrated efforts paid off big time: Google Maps views tripled in three months, website visits shot up sixfold in half a year, and, most importantly, taproom sales increased by 20% in six months.

  • Taproom sales increased by 20% in six months
  • Google Maps views increased 300% in three months
  • Website traffic increased by 600% in six months
  • Loyalty club membership increased to 1,200 people in only eight weeks
  • Social media engagement rates increased by 25% month-over-month

The Power of Integrated Marketing

Breweries we’ve worked with have voiced challenges ranging from declining taproom sales and not having a clear strategy for tapping into restaurant sales to struggling to maintain a unified brand identity.

In the end, breweries want to get people in the door and spread brand awareness. Often, brewers and brewery owners are too busy running the business to devote their time to creating a robust strategic marketing campaign.

That’s where we come in.

Here’s How We Did It

We take a holistic look at breweries, and our first goal is to define your brewery’s brand based on its existing personality, offerings, and the space it wants to occupy in the craft beer market.

  1. Understanding a brewery’s best-sellers, things the brewery is passionate about, and how they connect with their audience, we get to the root of how to strengthen brand identity. Everything from logo to website, apparel to offerings, social media presence to bathroom decor must be part of a cohesive brand strategy. With a defined brand identity, we zero in on the audience.
  2. To correctly identify the audience and create relevant messaging, we work with breweries to build out “buyer personas.” These fictional representations of your ideal customers include likes, dislikes, hobbies, beer preferences, family size, and more. Talking to the right target audience helps maximize your marketing efforts and optimize marketing spend.
  3. Once your brand and audience are defined, the real fun begins: spreading the word and marketing your product to the right people. We work with breweries to select the channels – social media, email, newsletters, your website, strategic advertising – that are the best for connecting with the audience.
  4. We also help breweries build effective and worthwhile loyalty programs, which encourage repeat visits, reward regulars, and give customers something to smile and tell their friends about.
  5. Lastly, we address another important aspect, making it easy for people to find the brewery. We make sure breweries’ websites are updated and optimized, improving rankings on Google so they appear higher on the list when people search for “brewery near me” and other related search terms. We partner with companies like Untappd to ensure that every “brewery near me” search leads potential customers to the breweries we’re working with.
  6. To top it off, we track key performance indicators and measure each initiative to make sure things are working towards achieving the right business goals.
See what our partners say

“Madison Taylor Marketing has been indispensable in our marketing efforts. They’ve helped us really dial in our efforts to respond to our customers efficiently. We’ve put forth a number of challenges and they have consistently thought outside the box in order to help us with solutions. Clearly an expert in the field and I truly enjoy working with them!”

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