Consumer Product Case Study


A reimagination of a storied brand helped our enterprise pet product client enhance their digital presence, efficiently manage product assets, launch new avenues of online customer engagement, and appeal to new audience segments.

  • Increased website visits per month by 145k
  • Increase unique site visitors per month by 119K
  • Maintained higher visibility in search engine results pages

Modernizing a Brand

In an ever-evolving consumer market landscape, maintaining brand relevance and engagement is paramount for businesses aiming for longevity and success. Recognizing the need for a brand refresh to stay competitive and resonate with both existing and new audiences, our client – a well-established brand with loads of legacy – partnered with us to inject new life into their brand.

Here’s How We Did It

Our journey with the client embarked on a comprehensive brand revitalization mission, aimed not merely at a visual facelift but at a repositioning and rejuvenation of the brand’s essence, messaging, and customer interaction points. The project was structured into several key phases:

Brand Analysis: Leveraging a mix of qualitative insights and quantitative data, we conducted a thorough examination of the brand’s current market positioning, customer perceptions, competitive landscape, and internal brand alignment. This foundational phase was critical for identifying the gaps between the brand’s current state and its potential.

Brand Initiatives: Based on the insights garnered from the analysis, we outlined strategic brand initiatives focused on aligning and revitalizing the core elements of the brand. These intiiatives were crafted to address specific areas of improvement, such as brand identity, value proposition clarity, and market differentiation.

Messaging and Campaign Executions: With the strategic direction set, we developed new brand messaging that encapsulated the revitalized brand ethos. This messaging was brought to life through targeted campaign executions designed to engage the brand’s diverse audience segments, showcasing the brand’s evolved identity and value offerings.

Website Development: Recognizing the brand’s online presence as a critical touchpoint for customer engagement, we undertook the development of a new website. The website was designed not only to visually reflect the updated brand but also to enhance user experience, facilitate better content discovery, and ultimately, drive conversions.

Outcome: The collaborative effort culminated in a rejuvenated brand that stands out in its competitive landscape. The reinvigorated brand now boasts a coherent and compelling brand story, a refined visual identity, and an enhanced digital presence that together foster deeper connections with its audience. The success of the brand revitalization project is a testament to power to strategic brand realignment and the potential for brands to adapt and thrive in the face of changing market dynamics.

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