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With the increase in college attendance came a need for universities to differentiate themselves and attract the right students. See how we helped our university client connect with nontraditional students through integrated digital marketing.

  • Increased social media followers by 286%, impressions by 119%, and engagement by 278%
  • Increased new visitors to the website by 30,000%
  • Increased overall website sessions from social by 54,000%
  • Application submissions on the website topped 4,800

Background and Goals

Our client had an established online university within a state school system and aimed to enhance their online presence and conversion rates to meet the evolving needs of a growing student base. Their challenges included maintaining consistent, informative, and engaging content while addressing specific pain points for diverse demographics, such as nontraditional students, veterans, parents, transfer students, and non-degree seekers.

During their pay-per-click campaign, the university encountered challenges with a high cost per conversion ($750) in a competitive market. Recognizing the need for a more cohesive marketing strategy to align efforts and capitalize on opportunities, they approached us with a positive mindset, eager to transition from siloed, reactive marketing to a more effective and strategic approach.

Here’s How We Did It

Using principles from inbound marketing, we took everything our client brought to us and started creating a strategy.

  1. To start, we took a holistic look at what our client wanted to achieve and the current status of their marketing efforts. We created a comprehensive strategy for the university to address all their audiences, grow their digital footprint, and increase conversions. As part of our integrated marketing strategy, we included updating the university’s blogging, new radio ads and banner ads, and updating messaging about featured programs.
  2. We then moved on to our content strategy and focused on segmenting our client’s audiences and fully developing their buyer personas.
  3. After fleshing out their buyer personas, we used them as a guide to create monthly social media calendars with content optimized across various platforms. Studies have shown that most U.S. adults engage with three social media platforms. We prioritized Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, expanding to Instagram to maximize overall traffic and build their follower base on Instagram.
  4. We tailored content for each stage of the buyer’s journey, ensuring relevance and meaning. With a unified voice, we employed an agile content strategy across platforms to drive engagement.
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